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When the Writing on the Wall is Art: 10 Latinx Street Artists You Need to Know

Photo Credit IG @Saner_edgar BeLatina
Credit: BELatina/BrandStar

With its bold, vibrant colors and larger-than-life statements, Latinx graffiti art is much more than just spray-painted walls. Far beyond its riveting aesthetic, these painted murals reflect our community and nuestra voz.

For many Latinx street artists, graffiti is a way to express political and social concerns like immigration, violence against women, or racism; and a way to showcase the beauty of life and the power of one’s heritage. Here are 10 of the most noteworthy artists to follow:

1 Man One

Photo Credit IG @manoneart

An L.A. artist with a vision, Man One strongly advocates that art can be used as its own transformational tool to save lives. His murals are loud with bright colors and sharp lines that draw in your attention. According to his website, his life’s work “is about putting the power of art in the hands, hearts and minds of people all over the world.”

2 Panmela Castro

Photo Credit IG @panmelacastro

Born in Rio de Janeiro, this talented Latina is widely known as a feminist graffiti artist who denounces the alarming rates of violence against women in Brazil. Through her work, she hopes to spark a larger conversation about gender and equality.

3 Martanoemí Noriega

Photo Credit IG @martanoemi.n

There’s no better way to describe Martanoemí’s work than to say it is full of life and symbolism. The Panamanian artist celebrates both the magic and darkness of human experience through her stunning illustrations.

4 Kristy Sandoval

Photo Credit IG @pintora.ksan

Her bewitching mural Colonize depicts a young girl releasing butterflies and parrots from a barred window. She told Mic that she believes her artwork to be a form of feminist activism.

5 Inti Castro

Photo Credit IG @inti_cl

An artist who took his name from the Incan sun god in homage to his Chilean roots, Inti’s work is technically mesmerizing with a strong political edge.

6 LeDania

Photo Credit IG @LeDania

Colombian street artist, LeDania is a prominent artist in Bogotá. The bright colors and movement of her graffiti and murals depict positivity and a sense of freedom.

7 Curiot

Photo Credit IG @curiotli

Originally from the streets of Mexico, Curiot’s vibrant artistic style features mythical creatures covered in feathers and fur.

8 Paola Delfin

Photo Credit IG @paola_delfin

A globally recognized Mexican street artist, Paola Delfin creates incredible works of art with a distinct style that showcases the strength of female faces and figures.

9 Farid Rueda

Photo Credit IG @Farid_Rueda

Street art with a side of whimsy and color best depicts this Mexican artist’s unique style. Farid Rueda’s mesmerizing pieces often display vivid-like animals across large murals.

10 Saner

Photo Credit IG @saner_edgar

A graffiti artist who uses traditional imagery from his own cultural heritage, Saner’s work is bold and striking to look at, with masked characters clothed in mystique and symbolism.

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