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Who is Bianca Graulau, the Storyteller in ‘El Apagón,’ Bad Bunny’s Mini Documentary

Who is Bianca Graulau, the Storyteller in ‘El Apagón,’ Bad Bunny’s Mini Documentary belatina latine
Photo credit: Instagram @biancagraulau

“I have been keeping the secret from you for months and when y’all were commenting this I had already received the call,” Bianca Graulau posted on her Instagram. “I just couldn’t tell you but now the secret’s out.” 

That’s what the Puerto Rican independent reporter had to say about her recent feature on Bad Bunny’s latest music video for “El Apagón,” which was released on September 16.  

The Impact of ‘El Apagon’

The biggest global star at the moment, Bad Bunny, used his platform to show Puerto Rico’s current struggles in his music video, which doubled as a mini-documentary. 

Bad Bunny knows how to use his platform to educate people about his island, not just to perrear. He understands the value of his voice, evidently. 

The music video details the issues that Puerto Ricans are currently experiencing. This includes constant power outages, displacement from their communities, and the fight to keep their beaches public, per Graulau

In the mini-documentary that followed Benito’s video, she spoke to various local sources about the gentrification that Puerto Rico is experiencing. She also explained how some laws are making the island a “gold mine” for wealthy foreigners. Thus, creating the perfect bed for settler colonialism. During the documentary, she highlights Act 22 (now part of Law 60), which gives individuals and companies tax breaks to “attract them” to relocate to Puerto Rico. And it’s working. 

Over 3,000 foreigners are currently benefiting from this, making many local Puerto Ricans’ lives a living hell. “El Apagon” further amplifies the issues caused by these insensitive foreigners. 

Who is Bianca Graulau?

“What an honor to be trusted to tell the stories of our communities, to have the opportunity to work with such a talented team of people, and to have your support to do this work,” she posted on social media

“Thank you to each and every person who made this project a reality. And thank you @badbunnypr for sharing your platform and supporting independent journalism.”

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she used to be an avid TV news reporter. She’s worked in NBCLX, CBS, ABC, and Univision affiliates, among others.

Graulau’s voice has been using her voice to tackle some of the most important issues for years. Her passion for storytelling won her an Emmy for a feature story on homelessness. 

Two years ago she became an independent journalist and storyteller. Now, she focuses on authentically telling Puerto Rico’s stories. She emphasizes the island’s challenges and the solutions that Boricuas make up to survive.

For instance, in a story titled, “The Puerto Ricans coming up with solutions in the face of crisis,” she talks about a community group, Plenitud PR, in Las Marías, Puerto Rico. This group invented solutions for “food and water security, safe and affordable housing, taking care of the elderly, and teaching the youth.” 

On the flip side, another story is named “Are Puerto Ricans being pushed out?” where she speaks about the island’s ongoing gentrification and how it’s affecting the communities. 

And that’s just the surface of her important work as a journalist. 

Through her TikTok and Youtube, she also documents Puerto Rico’s protests, outages, colonialism, and abortion. She has even interviewed AOC about the Puerto Rico Status Act, including Act 22. 

Fast forward to now, with the exposure of Benito’s platform, we hope to continue seeing her report on everything we should know about Puerto Rico – from a Puerto Rican’s perspective.

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