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Are You Wearing the Wrong Bra Size? Take a Look at This Solution

At Soma Intimates, they focus on providing a 5-star bra fit experience to achieve the results all women yearn for. Founded in 2004, they use an all-women design team to create beautiful styles and effortless solutions. They’ve countered the many challenges they’ve heard from women with many options, including Bodify, a high-quality Smart Bra that provides utmost comfort. This bra adapts to accommodate the natural changes of women’s unique shape. Through this, they’ve allowed many women to feel confident every day, all day.  

Curious about everything Soma Intimates has to offer, Karent Sierra decided to pay them a visit for the newest BELatina TV episode. She took one of her closest friends, Maritere Secada, to also be part of this journey of women supporting each other.  

Upon entering the beautifully decorated store, Karent was met with different options. From bras to loungewear, they had it all. And, as they promise on their website, she was set up with a bra fitting expert once she walked in.  

It was a fun and easy experience. It was, too, confirmed that Karent was wearing the wrong bra size. However, the bra fitting expert explained that this is a normal occurrence and urged women to keep in mind that accepting body changes due to pregnancy, menstruation, or regular weight fluctuations is pivotal. Life happens and it is safe to assume women know this all too well.  

Soma Intimates makes it a point to listen to women, help tell their story, and design products that support their needs. No matter the size or shape, they’ve got a fit for everyone.   

Karent and Maritere left the store delighted with their new Soma Intimate purchases – and they hope other women also finally get to experience the joy of wearing a bra in their right size.   

Learn more about Soma Intimates on BELatina TV’s latest episode. We’ve embedded the episode in this article for your convenience. 

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