‘Yacht the Basel: The Art of the Cheetle,’ Logbook of an Exhibition

Cheetos x RTB Yacht the Basel belatina, ,latinx
Cheetos x RTB Yacht the Basel

Last year, the world was still learning to navigate a virus that had caught us off guard. The new public health crisis was starving us of our favorite events, venues, and entertainment activities we had engaged in before Covid became part of our vocabulary. 

So many events suffered, including Art Basel. But not this year. This year Art Basel Miami Beach came back ready to showcase artwork that, as usual, would have people critiquing (or trying to) art and purchasing it to preserve its mastery — note that the mastery is always at the expense of the eye of the beholder, and, of course of the artist. 

Others, and just being honest here, just show up for the Basel vibes (often calling it “bay-sil” instead of “bah-sel”) and the party scene without caring about the artwork.

A closing event at sea 

Art Basel came to an end with a few events. One of those was events was the “Yacht The Basel: The Art of the Cheetle” exhibit hosted by the Rock The Bells and Cheetos — a Cheeto-inspired exhibit on the Seafair Mega Yacht. 

The event included art featured by street artist Lefty Out There,  appearances of five DJs spinning at any given time, Cheetos-inspired activations, onboard activities such as air hockey, and an open bar. All of this took place aboard the 220-foot, four-story yacht.

And we were there to experience it — well, our social media coordinator and I were there representing BELatina News.

Let me fill you out on all the chisme!

Upon this montañera (aka as moi) entering the magnificent yacht, I was eager to see how this art, made with cheetle (the dust residue of Cheetos), was holding up. After all, South Florida’s weather is not always the best to keep things looking tidy — hair, art, clothes, and more will suffer without any warning. 

Guisell Gomez Belatina, latinx

We traveled to the first floor, where I was met with so many bags of Cheetos and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. The señora in me took a larger bag to take a few of those bags home, but more on that later. 

Once we got to the second floor, we were met with the exhibit. Though it was small, the impact was still grand. 

Without getting too close to Left Out There’s artwork, the cheetle was popping out of the designs, clinging on perfectly, without seeing any of it on the floor — well, aside from my cheetle from my own Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bag I was eating as I went art piece to art piece. 

My favorite piece of the exhibition was “All City,” which, to me, represented the colorful and abstract graffiti scene of Miami. The artist methodically placed what seemed to be cheetah stripes packed with cheetle throughout the piece. 

"All City" by Lefty Out There Belatina, latinx
“All City” by Lefty Out There

These were some of the other pieces featured:

"Flaming Hot Perspective" by Lefty Out There Belatina, latinx
“Flaming Hot Perspective” by Lefty Out There
“Lifestyle” by Lefty Out There Belatina, latinx
“Lifestyle” by Lefty Out There
“Hand Painted Bearbrick” by Lefty Out There Belatina, latinx
“Hand Painted Bearbrick” by Lefty Out There

The event was divided into two parts. The first part was open for the public, and the yacht was docked, while the second part was a private party, and the yacht set out to sail around Miami’s harbor. 

Belatina, latinx

The crew passed out Cheeto-inspired cuisine creations at night, including Cheeto-laced mac and cheese balls, a potato salad, chicken dumplings, and sliders, all featuring cheetle. 

In the end, I didn’t stuff my purse with all the Cheeto bags I had planned on, but other guests did that for me. And that made this señora happier than I’d like to admit.