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Yalitza Aparicio’s Incredible Journey (Beyond Debut Actress and Oscar Nominee) to Magazine Cover Girl

One film role. That is all it took for Yalitza Aparicio to showcase her acting talent, and in the process, take the world by storm. The Mixtec-Triqui-Mexican actress from Oaxaca starred as Cleo, in the Oscar-winning film, Roma, created by fellow Mexican, powerhouse director/producer/writer/editor/cinematographer, Alfonso Cuarón. This role earned Aparicio an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress; she is the first indigenous Mexican woman to ever earn the honor.

With this achievement, Yalitza has stood as a representative of the indigenous, of women of color, of those who don’t often get Hollywood roles, designer gowns to wear at awards shows, and glossy magazine covers. Speaking of magazine covers, let’s take this moment to celebrate how she’s rocked Hollywood norms, by looking at 11 covers Yalitza Aparicio’s graced — so far.

1 Vogue Mexico

Photo Credit Vogue Mexico

Landing the cover of Vogue is a big deal. Seasoned models and actresses go their entire careers without getting selected for the fashion honor. Yalitza Aparicio looked regal on the January 2019 issue of Vogue Mexico. The caption for her cover story included the Mixtec words, “In tiu’n ntav’i,” which means “A Star is Born.”

2 Chilango

Photo Credit Chilangos.com

In December of 2018, Yalitza graced the cover of Chilango, a magazine dedicated to residents of Mexico City. The accompanying cover story spoke on her start in acting, meeting Alfonso Cuaron for the first time, and how she took on the task of acting in her first role.

3 Teen Vogue

Photo Credit Teen Vogue

Not only did Yalitza appear on the cover of Vogue, she also added Teen Vogue to the list of magazines she’s appeared on the cover of. She posed in on-trend pastel dresses, and bold jewelry, in the Young Hollywood Class of 2019 issue. Teen Vogue called Yalitza “the newcomer taking over Hollywood with her captivating performance.”

4 The Wrap

Photo Credit The Wrap

The aura-like colors. Flowing hair. Carefree smile. Yalitza Aparicio looks ethereal and happy on the November 2018 issue of The Wrap. What’s great is that her magazine covers are varied, allowing for a variety of chic, cool looks from Yalitza, and not the same pose, style, or cookie-cutter images that are often seen in magazines.

5 The Hollywood Reporter

Photo credit THR

Aparicio’s cover for the January 16, 2019 edition of The Hollywood Reporter is so sweet and girl next door (plus I love the outfit). The photos and interview took place in Mexico City, where the magazine sat down with both Yalitza and Alfonso Cuaron, to talk Roma and politics of Mexico.

6 Vanity Fair

Photo credit Vanity Fair

Along with Vogue, this is probably the most important magazine Yalitza Aparicio has been on the cover of. When several stars are chosen to assemble the front of Vanity Fair, it’s because they are the stars who are rising, or have risen to the top of the acting game. Yalitza joined other actors on the magazine’s 25th annual Hollywood cover, in January of 2019.

7 Quién

Photo Credit Quién

Aparicio looks like such a badass on the March 2019 cover of Quien magazine. The moto jacket, the head tilt, and the confident stare deliver an empowered look, of someone who is sure of herself.

8 Bad Hombre

Photo Credit Bad Hombre

This is my personal favorite of Yalitza’s numerous magazine covers. She looks so fierce and stylish. The suit is sharp, the hair ultra long and flowing, and the stance powerful. The dark chola lip just adds to the edge and style of the whole look. *Applause*

9 Supertele

Photo Credit Supertele

Yalitza Aparicio appeared on the February 23 to March 1 issue of Supertele, a magazine dedicated to television programming. The photo was a red carpet shot of the star at the 41st Mill Valley Film Festival, where Roma was screened.

10 Cream

Photo Credit Cream


This cover for Cream magazine, for their 36th edition, is so striking in its starkness. Yalitza’s look, within her  minimalistic surroundings, looks beautiful, graceful, elegant, and also vulnerable.

11 Estilo DF

Photo Credit EstiloDF

Yalitza’s beautifully colorful and stylish cover for the February 22 to 28 issue of Estilo DF is beautiful, and extra special because of where it was shot. The location was none other than Casa Azul, where fellow Mexicana Frida Kahlo was born, worked and lived (at one time with Diego Rivera; it’s now the Frida Kahlo Museum).

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