Yelp and Momento Latino Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month With A New Partnership

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To celebrate the beginning of Latinx Heritage Month, and coinciding with Support Latino Business Day, the American public company Yelp and the coalition of activists, leaders, and artists, Momento Latino, are joining forces to help innovatively.

The organizations have decided to launch a new free search attribute on Yelp called “Latinx-owned Business,” to support one of the communities hardest hit by the economic and public health crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, they said in a statement.

According to a recent Stanford research report, the Latinx business community “has opened more small businesses than any other demographic group” in the United States, despite often facing many more obstacles.

Both Yelp and Momento Latino have said they are “happy to help” people find and support these small businesses in local communities.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Yelp to support Latino-owned businesses,” said Henry R. Muñoz III, founder of Momento Latino. “Latinos are entrepreneurs and the fastest-growing segment of small businesses in every state and every market sector in America, contributing over two trillion dollars annually to our nation’s economy. During COVID 19, Latino business owners were disproportionately left out of the economic stimulus effort and have been struggling to keep their heads above water, despite the critical role their businesses play in communities across our country. There has never been a more important time to recognize their contributions, and with Yelp’s partnership, we’re excited to lift up their work, and support their success as part of Latinx Heritage Month.”

Similarly, the new partnership seeks to go one step further and support the process of identity transformation that the Hispanic community in the country is undergoing, and has adopted the neologism “Latinx” because “it encompasses a broader group of individuals with cultural ties to Latin America and/or of Latin American descent (including those from non-Spanish speaking countries like Brazil) and is gender-neutral,” Yelp said.

Starting this week, all Latinx business owners can identify their businesses on the Yelp for Business board as Latinx-owned and take advantage of a new platform to celebrate our power and essential role in the country’s economic growth.