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‘You See The Truth,’ a Poem by Sawhney

This is a letter to someone that I love. It’s not easy hiding a feeling or a secret from someone you are close to, but sometimes it’s best to move in silence and wait for the right moment to share your honesty with them. 

Recently, something wonderful happened and I wanted to share the news with this someone. I did not know how to begin that conversation. Would they be mad? Happy? Annoyed? Ambivalent? (Ambivalence feels the worst IMO).

What was my course of action? I said nothing. I held my tongue.

I’m a big proponent of being honest with my feelings and this was a moment that my gut told me to hold back. A small part of me also suspects that they already know the truth, but haven’t found the right time to ask me about it. I’ll eventually tell them when the time is right, but for now, I sit back, write poetry, and wait for life to unravel on its own.

You See The Truth

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