Two Women Behind the Young Latinos In Public Service Program

Young Latinos In Public Service Program BeLatina Latinx
Latinx44 Scholarship Program co-founders Alexa Kissinger, left, and Antoinette Rangel. Source: NBC.

Antoinette Rangel and Alexa Kissinger are two attorneys who previously served for the Obama administration as White House staffers. The two have now joined forces by creating a scholarship opportunity for young Latinos aspiring to lead public services positions. 

The new non-profit is called the Latinx44 Scholarship Program and aims to help young Latino students land public service-oriented internships in Washington D.C.

Antoinette Rangel said in an interview with NBC News, “I knew White House interns who had to take out personal loans or work multiple jobs or really live on a frugal budget. or students coming from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds, it could mean them not taking an opportunity.”

Those who want to apply have to do so before April 1. If selected, they will receive $1,500. Those who are currently in college and identify as Latinx are qualified to apply if they have already been approved for a public service internship in D.C. for next summer. 

In addition to the money, each student who receives the award will seek professional development opportunities and be mentored by a specialist in career pursuits. 

Rangel noted that the purpose is to “make sure Latinx students have the same opportunities as their peers from other backgrounds, so they get these experiences of a lifetime.”

Unsurprisingly, a study by The National Association of Colleges and Employers reported Hispanic college seniors representing the highest record of students landing an internship. Even more upsetting, if they did, they were unpaid.