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Meet Zulema Arroyo Farley: The Latina Medium

Zulema Arroyo Farley grew up having a very special gift that few human beings in the world have been able to experience. At five years of age, Arroyo had her first paranormal experience. Although for Arroyo’s mother, they were imaginary friends, the Medium already knew that she could communicate with the spirits. When she was eight years old, this Puerto Rican native had the first live appearance. A premonition that would change her life forever. “I had the first live and color appearance when I was eight years old. As if I am seeing a person. It was my paternal grandfather who wanted to tell me he would die,” Arroyo narrated. “That was the premonition of his death.” 

“Throughout my life I have always known that I am different,” said Arroyo Farley. “I had premonitions that would involve me in traffic accidents, but it is not until 2013 that I really had an experience that changed me.” According to the Medium, she received the visit of a spirit who had passed in the apartment she lives in New York, and for the first time she decides to talk about her gift. 

“Saving all that information and not accepting it was what caused me to live with anxiety all my life,” Arroyo Farley revealed. “What motivated me to finally accept the gift and not suppress it, and decide that I would serve people, the world, was when a well-known medium called MaryAnn DiMarco, not only validated my gift, but she told me ‘ Zulema you can no longer suppress it. You are being forced,’ because it was happening more often.” 

For Arroyo Farley, the purpose of connecting with her relatives, and friends was deeper, and as she wrote on her website, “hidden very deep inside” she “was unequivocally seeking affirmation on” her “lifelong psychic medium suspicions from an expert.”

“MaryAnn brought me face-to-face with my gift for the first time in my life. It was impossible to deny it any more. After many years of soul searching for my life’s purpose, for that ‘aha’ moment, I decided to completely embrace it and accept my intuitive aptitudes as a gift from God with abundant gratitude,” she said.

Zulema Latina Medium

After breaking the news to her husband, she came public in 2018. “Or I accepted myself as I am and continue to live my life as I had lived it or finally decide that I will accept it and serve [others],” she said. “It is not so easy to say that you will serve [others], it is not just deciding. You are exposing yourself, you are opening yourself to a world where many people tend to say that it is a gift from the devil,” said the Latina Medium. “I have never felt more peace and happiness with who I am. I am free. I am me. And I finally found where I belong!” 

Since July 2018 Arroyo Farley has made appearances on Telemundo Network’s Un Nuevo Día and Univision Network’s Despierta América, radio shows across the United States. She also does readings for celebrities and is the first medium ever to read live on Spanish television the live audience.

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