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5 Latines Who Co-Wrote Your Favorite Songs

5 Latines Who Co-Wrote Your Favorite Songs belatina latine

When we think of the most popular mainstream songs, we think of the artists who sing them, not thinking twice about who the songwriter actually is. In some cases, the artists do write their own music, however, others are penned by incredible behind-the-scenes songwriters. 

Although some of these artists – more often than not – work on their own music, it’s interesting to also acknowledge the songs that they wrote for others. 

From GALE to Joan Sebastian, here are five Latines that co-wrote your favorite songs –  and not just for themselves!


I started to listen to GALE’s music when she released “Inmadura” earlier this year. Little did I know that she simultaneously has a career as an established songwriter. In fact, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter has co-written tracks with Latine stars like Christina Aguilera’s “Santo” featuring Ozuna, and Joel DELEŌN’s “Coco.” Now, the artist is on the verge of her own spotlight with her recent bubblegum pop release “Problemas.”

Elena Rose

This Venezuelan singer-songwriter is one of my favorite artists to follow on social media because she posts the behind-the-scenes process of her tracks. She’s collaborated with many artists, most recently on Bad Bunny and Rauw Alejandro’s “Party” and Becky G and Karol G’s “MAMIII.” Not only is she a songwriter, but she also sings her own music. She’s recently been featured in Becky G’s ESQUEMAS, with “FLASHBACK.” We love to see her thrive!

Edgar Barrera

While writing  BELatina News’ Latin Grammy nominations coverage, I noticed this name multiple times. It came to my attention that he’s been in the Latine music game for over a decade now – but what was even more interesting was that he’s one of the top songwriters in Latine mainstream music right now. In fact, the Latin Grammy nominations are mostly for his collaboration on the pop track “Índigo” performed by Camilo and Evaluna Montaner, and the Regional Mexican chart-topping song “Cada Quien” performed by Grupo Firme and Maluma. How’s that for diversity?

Erika Ender

Ender is one of the co-writers of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito.” That’s right, the massive hit was co-written by a Latina from Panama City. “It’s so funny because my first big hit was ‘Despacito’ when I’ve done so much before that,” she told LA Weekly. “But it’s OK because there’s always a song that opens the world for you. I’ve had several amazing moments throughout my career that have been really cool and big, but within the Latin market and without the global market.”

Joan Sebastian

This may sound like a throwback moment, but Joan Sebastian was also one of the most notable Mexican singer-songwriters out there. He wrote many songs for huge names like Bronco, Vicente Fernández, Pepe Aguilar, and Rocío Dúrcal. Besides that, during this lifetime, he also found success in the spotlight with massive hits like “Secreto de Amor,” and “Veinticinco rosas.”

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