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Start of Aquarius Season: Everything You Need to Know About the Water Bearer

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Aquarius season is upon us and the imaginative, idealistic, and intuitive sign, symbolized by a Water Bearer, will be receiving a lot of sunshine when the sun moves from Capricorn on January 20th until February 18th. 

According to Horoscope, a website written by astrologers and zodiac connoisseurs that focuses on horoscopes, tarot readings, spirit, dreams, and more, those under the sign of Aquarius are “independent, enigmatical, and unique.” Aquarians always think outside of the box and don’t enjoy to be labeled and sometimes feel uncomfortable when people start naming attributes to describe them. 

When it comes to characteristics, Aquarians have unique personality traits. Typically they are free-spirited human beings with a nonconformist attitude. They know exactly what they want and when someone wants to prove them wrong that person needs to show facts. People with this sign are super analytical and are daydreamers. Their minds are a wholly unique and perfect world where their ideas and dreams feel almost like reality. 

Humanitarians by nature, those with this air sign care about the world and what happens in it. Aquarians belief in justice and fairness. They never think twice when taking out of their pockets to help others. Those with this sign are attracted to art, technology, they love writing, and are curious about astrology and the universe in general. Aquarians love to manifest and watch how everything becomes real. For them, the galaxy is a big ally and they never bury the ideas of other beings living outside the Milky Way. 

Aquarius’ motto is, “There is no me, there is only we,” as reported by Horoscope, assuring that just by the name we can tell how amazing Aquarians are. According to the website the letter:

A stands for analytical, Q for quirky, U for uncompromising, A for action-focused, R for respectful, I for intelligent, U for unique, and S for sincere. 

Rocio Regalado, a Dominican Spiritual Coach who uses her intuition and the tarot to predict different aspects of people’s lives, shared exclusively for BELatina what the year 2020 holds for Aquarians on an emotional, occupational, and health level. According to Regalado, for Aquarius, the most important thing this year will be spirituality, money, communication, health, work, pampering the body, family, and intellectuality. 

“This year there will be six eclipses — four of them lunar — therefore it will be a very special year,” assures the expert. “You (Aquarians) will be affected by five of them when it comes to your health,” she warns. “The most important part of the year for you will be the enormous personal and spiritual progress you will make, which will benefit you in your finances.”

When it comes to the love aspect, Aquarius will use the first months of 2020 to focus on organizing their hearts. “Singles will heal wounds of the past. Obtain clear answers and open up in the last months of the year to loving offers. As for those who already have a partner or are married, this is the year of communicating their feelings more,” she says.

Aquarius at work will have a quite fruitful year. “It is a year of approach that overcomes any obstacle that the labor challenge presents within its productive field,” revealed the coach. “It will be a fighting year but full of victories. It is a year of bonanza, promotions, achievements, and public recognition. In fact, outside of your fixed-job, you undertake something productive. You’re going to study again, which causes great job change. You get a bonus that you will invest in a money-generating project instantly.”

Regalado recommends to those of the sign of Aquarius to take care of their reproductive organs. “Walk, do exercises that take away the energy vortex you load this 2020,” says the astrology expert. “Remember that eclipses will affect your health and that is why you should give yourself a prize, go to a spa or hot springs. Take care of your body and pay attention to the food you eat. Get a spiritual guide within your beliefs.”

Rocio Regalado offers personalized, deep, and comprehensive readings tailored to your astrological makeup. You can reach her by sending her an email at rocioregalado8@gmail.com or via social media.

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