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Yalitza Aparicio Steals the Show at NYFW 2023 as a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Yalitza Aparicio Steals the Show at NYFW 2023 as a Victoria's Secret Angel
Credit: Cal Laird, CC BY 3.0

This year’s New York Fashion Week seems like it came and left in the blink of an eye. Per usual, the glitz and glam decorated the streets of New York as the world awaited. a glimpse of upcoming fashion trends. 

At the same time, things shifted in a different direction. Once upon a time, NYFW’s guest list was short and not as inclusive. This also translated to those allowed on the runway. However, this year, a lot of that changed. Influencers were part of the crowd (as well as the talent), and major brands seem to have finally understood the assignment by adding more diversity to their shows.  

This was the case for Victoria’s Secret. As many of you may know, for the past four years, this once highly sought-after lingerie brand stopped including “Victoria’s Secret Angels” in their yearly fashion show after being criticized for promoting unrealistic beauty standards. Yet, this year, they decided to make their big comeback and included a completely different roster of the Angels. And one of those Angels was the Latina star, Yalitza Aparicio. 

Aparicio, the acclaimed Mexican actress known for her groundbreaking role in the film “Roma,” looked stunning as Victoria’s Secret unveiled the news of having her as an Angel. Thanks to her transforming into a Victoria’s Secret Angel, her radiant appearance set social media ablaze. 

There are several videos of her circulating where you can witness her ethereal beauty and poise as she confidently works the camera in the iconic Victoria’s Secret lingerie, leaving everyone captivated. 

Infobae reported how the video created a massive buzz on social media. It seems like the world just can’t get enough of Yalitza Aparicio’s shift from an acclaimed actress to a symbol of beauty and empowerment. 

During the video, she also shared some words of wisdom for her viewers. 

“I would love for the new generations to accept themselves just as they are, and for us to realize that diversity is also beautiful,” Aparicio said. 


La actriz mexicana Yalitza Aparicio modela para Victoria’s Secret. #Latinus #InformaciónParaTi

♬ sonido original – Latinus

How Yalitza Aparicio Helped Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret made a bold move by featuring Aparicio in their lineup of Angels. There is no question that this decision aligns with the brand’s new commitment to be more conscious of representation.  

The collaboration between Aparicio and Victoria’s Secret is undoubtedly a milestone for both the actress and the brand, reflecting the changing dynamics of the fashion industry. 

While Yalitza Aparicio’s journey from education to the Victoria’s Secret runway may come as a surprise to some, it is welcomed by many. It’s great to see how Aparicio continues to break barriers and redefine her own narrative, inspiring others to embrace their unique journeys and aspirations. Whether on the screen or the runway, she proves that the sky is the limit. 

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