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Are Celebrities Creating the New Modern Family?

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On September 2009 television viewers were introduced to a comedy series called Modern Family. The show is written around the character, Jay Pritchett and his suburban Los Angeles family. The matrix surrounding the sitcom was a key element in the show’s initial success apart from the ensemble’s chemistry. The father, Jay was the patriarch of the dynamic bunch. He was married to a voluptuous, much younger Columbian native. She was the mother of a young child from another man. Later on, the couple welcomes an offspring of their own to add to the clan. He had two adult children from a previous marriage. One of whom was a son, married to his long-time partner. The couple adopted a Vietnamese baby in subsequent episodes. The daughter had a traditional marriage with two kids of her own. Truly a modern family, reflective of the times and how families are changing. 

The face of the conventional family has been slowly evolving over time. The structure and look of them have been affected by adoption, surrogacy, interracial relationships, same-sex partners, single-parents, remarriage, and co-parenting. Circumstances leading up to starting one are no longer set in stone. A woman or man does not have to wait for the ideal partner to realize the dream of raising a child. Egg and sperm donors have helped make new families for those that don’t have the biological capability to have a child on their own. Others that have the ability to create and not carry full-term also have viable alternatives. Science is rapidly contributing to the modernization of families along with society’s snail pace endorsement that everyone has the right to live a life of happiness with whomever they choose.

Transformation of the family has crept in over the course of the past few decades. Certain countries, such as France, are becoming more liberal than ever before by passing laws that make it legal for a same-sex couple to marry and adopt kids. While older generations set in their ways might be resistant to embracing this new era, it is important to recognize the significance of present-day families.

In recent years, many celebrities have opened their lives more than usual by sharing their personal voyage into the world of contemporary families. Gestational surrogates helped Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian, as well as, Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade add to their brood. These couples and plenty others contracted the help of a female surrogate to carry their baby. Andy Cohen became a dad to a beautiful boy with the assistance of surrogacy and donor. Angelina Jolie has adopted several children on international waters. The new picture of the family goes far beyond ”The Brady Bunch” comedy sitcom which focused on the integration of a family with stepchildren during the early 1970s. These are all examples of how today’s celebrities have made the modern family, fashionable, acceptable and okay.

A family is essentially defined as a clan of people consisting of parents and their children. The modern family does not change the meaning of the word. Celebrities aren’t necessarily creating a new trend, they are bringing light to the possibilities and choices available to extend today’s families. Their spotlight can help provide exposure that we might not get, otherwise. The world around us is evolving in abundant ways, we should look to grow with it. Expansion of our views should be inclusive of family, gender, equality, and lifestyles to name a few. Keep your mind open to all or you might miss out on something amazing.

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