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The Art of Keeping Your Recuerdos Alive is Vital for Latino Traditions

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Life is both short and long. Sometimes it feels like it’s passing by us in a blink of an eye, while other times it drags by. Yet, as we bask in the complexities of life, we are always left with recuerdos.

Whether these memories are sweet or not, they park themselves in our minds for as long as time – and health – permits.

But, if we may be candid, the best memories are captured and kept close to us. In the Spanish-language, we say: “para guardar el recuerdo,” which roughly means to keep the memory. This has allowed us to put to words the power of anything we treasure –including the nontangible things.

The evolution of capturing memories

Technology has afforded us the opportunity to immortalize a memory. From the first camera, which took hours to take a picture, to most of the world becoming photographers thanks to our smartphones, laughter, joy, love, and more lives on through our photos. Now, we document our lavish family dinners, las carnes asadas, and our primas’ quinces, among other special events with just the click of a button. If anything, this is a surefire way to keep our traditions breathing. There’s no room for the erasure of our community’s most treasured moments. Not anymore. Our future generations will remember their ancestors. They will remember the steps we took for the sake of culture.  

Yet, photos are not being displayed as much as they should be as before.  

Several years ago, the process of obtaining a single photo wasn’t as instant as it is today. Smartphones were yet not in the market, so disposable cameras – that didn’t let you get a preview of your photo – was the go-to. Then, you had to get them developed in an external store – and you had to go personally. Apps and online services were as foreign as extraterrestrials.

Fast forward to today and we are afforded the best ways to have our recuerdos near us and our hearts. With so many options, it is understandable how anyone can become overwhelmed.

Keeping recuerdos alive  

Extending the life of a single memory is almost an art. From our cell phones to the many frames we use to encapsulate them at home, it’s a special act.  

There’s no right or wrong way of keeping a memory alive. After all, this is personal and unique to each person. Pero, we have some suggestions because we don’t believe in gatekeeping.


The Art of Keeping Your Recuerdos Alive is Vital for Latino Traditions
Credit: BELatina/BrandStar

Creating the perfect wall art out of photos is an exquisite way to display happiness. By using AirGlass™, which is stackable, re-stickable, and leaves no marks, you can make this happen. This frame is the world’s lightest option for photo wall art. It is also made with similar glass to what is used for your iPhone. ¡Que cool!  


Credit: BELatina/BrandStar

These Acrylic Photo Blocks are perfect to collect and display all your favorite recuerdos. Stack them, collect them, and gift them. They go with any aesthetic. So, feel free to place them anywhere and everywhere. They are perfect for your home, your family’s home, the office, or anywhere that needs an extra sparkle.

Moderna Metal

Credit: BELatina/BrandStar

Looking for more of an urban and rugged feel without compromising your understanding of modernism? Well, Moderna Metal is right for you. Images are HD printed onto high-quality aluminum that has a lustrous finish. This is a subtle way of letting people know that your avid Pinterest-ing aided in your interior design skills. Todo el mundo will be impressed!  

These are some of the Metal Wall Art options we use in our homes. You can create an entire photo wall, which has been our staff’s favorite, or even choose smaller frames to gift to your loved ones. Nothing says “te quiero mucho” than giving your abuelita a picture where she’s smiling and you’re next to her. Trust us.

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