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Latino Bronx Borough President Co-Hosts Annual Hip-Hop Element Awards 2020

Hip Hop Awards 2019

Once again the Bronx will celebrate the most important contributions to the genre at an event on Beatstro, where legends such as Slick Rick, D-Nice, Ralph McDaniels, Londell McMillan, and Sal Abbatiello will be recognized for their work in promoting the Bronx-born phenomenon.

This cultural and artistic phenomenon was a product of the fusion of Afro, Latino, and Caribbean currents during the 1970s in the heart of the Bronx neighborhood in New York City, where lyrics, rhythm, and DJ mixes framed an intellectual revolution that would translate into a philosophy of life for several generations.

In collaboration with Windows of Hip Hop (WoHH), “a non-profit, Bronx-based economic development project promoting the educational, communal, and historical perspective of Hip Hop,” according to their website, the Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr. will host this new edition of the Hip-Hop Element Awards, a ceremony promoting “the culture forward into the future by instilling in our youth civic-mindedness and giving back to the community,” Diaz Jr.’s office said in a statement. 

While at his post, Diaz Jr. has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Bronx’s contributions to American culture; last week, he presided over the borough’s “Savor the Bronx” Restaurant Week, celebrating Italian, Asian, Latin American and Caribbean cuisine that has found its home in the community.

Hip hop, though, is undoubtedly the Bronx’s most significant global export, something that the community is endeavoring to claim the revolutionary movement as its own. Just this winter, the Bronx’s Universal Hip Hop Museum was awarded a multi-million dollar grant that will go toward its completion; currently, it’s set to open in 2023. “It’s crazy to think of how hip-hop — which has such an influence on pop culture, advertising, politics — doesn’t have a place to call home,” said the museum’s executive director Rocky Bucano to CNN in December. “We want to empower, inspire and engage the community. Hip-hop has touched every aspect of modern society and it’s important for the community to know that it was created by people who looked just like them.”

The celebration will take place this Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at Beatstro, 135 Alexander Avenue, The Bronx, NY. 10454.

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