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Becky G, Thalía, and Carlos Ponce Addressed the ‘Chismosos’ Saying the Hosts Fought During the Latin American Music Awards

Becky G, Thalía, and Carlos Ponce Addressed the ‘Chismosos’ Saying the Hosts Fought During the Latin American Music Awards
Credit: TikTok

The Latin American Music Awards this year was great – but it also had its share of drama. Or so it seems. Currently, videos are going viral showing Thalía and Becky G engaged in what seems to be a heated argument. Speculations about an alleged rivalry between the artists surged, especially fueled by Becky G’s body language, including what seemed like eye-rolling, indicating her displeasure. 

However, Thalía took to TikTok to dispel the chisme. Using quick-witted humor, the 52-year-old Mexican singer denied any conflict with Becky G. She explained that the conversation captured in the video was a light-hearted comment about Becky G’s shoes causing discomfort due to the slippery stage floor. 

“Let me tell you what we were really talking about,” Thalía said in her video. She emphasized the absence of tension between her and Becky G while explaining that they were talking about shoes and how she always tests them before a performance. This is what supposedly was the conversation that took place – and why Becky G looked so agitated.  

Thalía also expressed her fondness for her gala co-hosts, Carlos Ponce and Alejandra Espinoza, underlining the camaraderie among them and urging fans not to buy into gossip. “Don’t start spreading rumors; we had a blast,” she affirmed. 

Before the event, Thalía had expressed her excitement about sharing the stage with Becky G, Carlos Ponce, and Alejandra Espinoza, emphasizing her close bond with Becky G, whom she has performed with multiple times.  

Meanwhile, Carlos Ponce injected humor into the situation with a video on his social media accounts. In the video, he comically addressed the incident, stating, “I know what happened, I was there. I’m the one in the middle, and nobody has asked me… I know exactly what happened.” 

Becky G hasn’t stayed silent on the situation either. She jumped on TikTok last night to call some of her fans “chismosos,” as she piggy-backed from Thalia’s video and ended the short video by saying “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.” She sipped on some tea during the video – and it was just perfect. 


Seriously. 🫠😂🫶🏽 I loved my co-hosts! Carlos, Thalia, Ale, y yo nos disfrutamos mucho. All love

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The ‘Chismosos’ Are Trying to Perpetuate the ‘Chisme’

Yet, some social media users believe there is beef between Espinoza and Thalía considering how the “Amor a la Mexicana” singer cropped her out from a picture she shared from the event on her Instagram. She kept Carlos Ponce and Becky G in the picture though.  

At this point, we might never know what happened. However, it seems like everything is okay and nothing grave happened, which is good news. After all, the Latino community needs to stick together.  

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