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BELatina’s Best of the Week: Cultural Appropriations on TikTok, New Moon in Leo, and More

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Is it really Friday? Isn’t it an illusion?

From our chair and with lumbago we hope you had an excellent week.

For our part, it has been an arduous but productive one.

Just take a look at the stories we told.

From the Latino culture appropriations in TikTok to the exciting collaboration between Goyo and La India, these are the best stories of the week in BELatina.

Digitalundivided Grant Wants To Support Black and Latina Women To Get Their Businesses off the Ground

Digitalundivided Latina Business BELatina Latinx
Image courtesy of BELatina.

Today, we know that the biggest hurdle for women of color startups is access to funding. However, there are those who are working hard to break down this barrier. Social startup Digitalundivided has announced a new initiative to help Black and Latina women access funding.

One Month After Roe v Wade Was Overturned, This Is What the Country Looks Like

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While we knew in advance that the Supreme Court would overturn the landmark law legalizing abortion, little did we imagine what a post-Roe v Wade world would look like.

5 New Tracks by Queer Artists You Should Be Listening To

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Pride month may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done listening to music by queer artists. There’s so much new, exciting, and genre-bending music by LGBTQ+ artists that no one list can do it justice. 

Goyo and La India Could Give Us the Collaboration of the Decade

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Afro-Colombian singer Goyo and Puerto Rican icon La India are working on what promises to be the collaboration of the decade.

Tenoch Huerta and Mabel Cadena Bring Latino Representation to Black Panther

Image courtesy of YouTube.

Marvel unveiled the first trailer for “Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever,” with Mexican actors Tenoch Huerta and Mabel Cadena joining the star-studded cast.

‘Spa Water’ and Other Latino Culture Appropriations Blooming on TikTok

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For the past few days, the Latino and Black algorithms on Tik Tok have been in an uproar about the blatant cultural appropriation of some creators. Spa water, for example, is making rounds on Tik Tok due to its benefits and how refreshing it is. Sure, flavored water is great, but the issue here is how the recipe for the “spa water” concoction they speak of is a direct replica of aguas frescas.

A Group of Indigenous Women in Peru Launches the First Radio Program on Reproductive Rights in the Quechua Language

Image courtesy of Acción Verde.

The feminist organization “Acción por Igualdad” has launched the first radio program in the indigenous Quechua language to raise awareness and disseminate information on sexual and reproductive rights.

New Moon in Leo: Honoring Our Heart’s Desire

Image courtesy of BELatina.

At 5 degrees in Leo, this moon will be felt intensely by those in fixed signs near this degree. Leo, symbolized by the lion and governing the energy of our heart’s desires, sovereignty, and the wild creativity of our inner child, brings confidence and a burst of energy even as we continue managing some challenging astrology this month.

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