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BELatina and ‘Kids In Distress’ Work Towards Transforming the Homes of Kids and Families In Need – And You Can Help Too

BELatina and ‘Kids In Distress’ Work Towards Transforming the Homes of Foster Kids and Families – And You Can Help Too

According to data gathered by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Latino children make up 22 percent of all the children in foster care programs. Unfortunately, children are not always properly cared for in foster care programs, which is why it’s important to support organizations that make sure vulnerable and underserved children are provided with quality care. 

This is where Kids in Distress (KID) comes in.  

Founded in 1976 by community volunteers and the Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale, KID became a shelter for the youngest victims of child abuse.  

Since its beginning, their mission was to help historically excluded communities, such as the Black and Latino communities, and help them toward a path of safety.  

Their commitment to the ethos of KID is apparent when you look at the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. They are now known as a leading space for providing early intervention and treatment for abused, abandoned, and neglected children.  

“Imagination is powerful. It allows us to dream of a future, to plan for success, and to create a vision of what life could be for families in South Florida. For 41 years, the imagination of supporters like you has helped KID realize the dream of providing better community services and improving lives,” Mark Dhooge, president and chief executive officer of KID says on the organization’s official website.  

KID has continued to grow throughout the years. From forming KID Auxiliary – an all-volunteer group that supports the work of KID through public awareness activities, volunteer, services – to opening one of the only 24-hour emergency shelters for vulnerable infants and newborns, they’ve helped thousands of children. Included in their long list of resources is a preschool, a dental clinic, foster care and adoption programs, and a mental health program, among many other services.  

One of KID’s most notable qualities is how much they pay attention to detail. For instance, in 2013, they opened up Foster Family Group Homes on their main campus to welcome and keep sibling groups together. It isn’t too often that you find an organization who leads with their heart. Most recently, in 2019, they joined forces with Family Central Inc., which allowed KID to create the largest continuum of care for children and families in South Florida.  

How can you help ‘Kids In Distress’? 

To further KID’s mission, BELatina TV has partnered with them to help provide more comfort to the children and families they tend to. During an upcoming episode, BELatina will spearhead renovations to their campus and provide services to better their space.  

As this is a large project that means tremendously to BELatina’s hosts, Dr. Karent Sierra and Chef James, the lifestyle TV show is still accepting partnerships with companies that want to make this experience even more special for the children and families involved.  

So, join BELatina by supporting Kids In Distress with lifestyle transformations and room-by-room makeovers for underserved children and families. Our goal is to create great spaces of enrichment where children can feel safe to learn, thrive, and develop experientially while being cared for, guided, and loved!  

Together we will make the impossible, KID-possible!  

If you want to know more or how to be part of the show please contact BELatina TV’s executive producer, Lysa Liemer at lysa@belatina.com. 



All children deserve the best shot at life, and we can make this happen if we all work together.  

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