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Top Five BELatina TV Moments of 2022

It’s been quite the year at BELatina.

While continuing with our mission to amplify the many voices of the Latino community within our digital space, we were honored to share the stories of influential figures within our community. From speaking to activist Monica Ramirez to holding a Q&A with the emerging urbano music artist, Villano Antillano, it’s been an incredible ride.

Our favorite BELatina moments of 2022

Let’s not forget BELatina TV. Thanks to our fantastic brand partners, we were able to educate Latinas and women everywhere about everything pertaining to fashion, fun, family,  food, and more! Both hosts, Karent Sierra and James Tahhan immersed us into different adventures as we learned about things that will make anyone’s life better. For instance, we had DIY lessons with the help of NIBCO, got edgy, and drove a Polaris down South Florida, and we even met with Ann Deal from Fashion Forms as we prepared to get runway ready for the holidays.

As we wrap up the year, we want to recap our favorite BELatina TV moments. Find the video embedded in this article. You’ll notice that a lot happened after watching the video.

What was your favorite BELatina moment of 2022?

We are still here

This year seems like it flew by. So much happened and we were able to tell stories that matter to our community. This was all thanks to you for believing in BELatina’s journey. Let’s keep up this trend in 2023, para la comunidad.

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