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Can Shakira’s Corrido Debut Become an Anthem for Those Advocating for Fair Labor Rights? 

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By Donna Lou Morgan

Shakira has a lot to say about her last relationship – and I’m here for it. How many people wouldn’t want to spill their ex’s dirty laundry while making money? This time around she’s airing out how Pique is mala paga, which is not surprising at all. Best of all, she’s doing it in her corrido debut. What a queen.  

The global sensation’s new song, “El Jefe,” features a collaboration with the Mexican regional group Fuerza Regida. It is important to note that the narrative of “El Jefe” goes beyond catchy tunes; it serves as a poignant anthem for advocates of fair labor rights and those who challenge a society characterized by the dominance of the wealthy while the working class struggles. Of course, there are other themes in the song, but let’s focus on this one first.  

A Real-Life Saga of Betrayal and Labor Rights

The inspiration for “El Jefe” is drawn from a gripping real-life narrative. Lili Melgar, once the nanny for Shakira’s family, found herself embroiled in a dramatic turn of events. Allegedly, her connection took a startling twist when Shakira’s former husband, the disgraced Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, allegedly terminated her employment without providing compensation owed. It is said that Melgar played a pivotal role in confirming Piqué’s alleged infidelity to Shakira, adding complexity to an already tumultuous situation. 

A Corrido with a Profound Message

“El Jefe” transcends being merely a melodious tune; it carries a compelling message. The song delves into themes of justice, labor rights, and the challenges faced by everyday workers in a world that often prioritizes wealth and power. 

This is an important subject, especially for Latinas in the United States, since our demographic is most underpaid.  

Many people are predicting that “El Jefe” is destined to become an anthem for those passionate about fair labor rights and individuals who refuse to accept a society where the pursuit of wealth overshadows the well-being of the working class. 

By incorporating elements of traditional corrido music, Shakira ventures into uncharted musical territory. This artistic departure showcases Shakira’s versatility while also shedding light on crucial societal issues. 

What can’t Shakira do?  

As for those people criticizing Shakira for releasing yet another song where she sings about her ex, let her live.  

I’m sure she has gotten recommendations from her circle asking her to be the “bigger person,” and I’m glad she’s ignored those suggestions. Shakira is letting women know that it is okay to speak your truth even if people think you’re caught up in the past. At the end of the day, the truth sets everyone free – regardless of how many times you have to talk about it.  

¡Siga pa’lante, Shakira!

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