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Cell-Cultivated Meat Just Received the Green Light. Would You Drink ‘Caldo’ Made of Lab-Grown Chicken?

Cell-Cultivated Meat Just Received the Green Light. Would You Drink ‘Caldo’ Made of Lab-Grown Chicken?

Imagine it’s a scorching hot summer and caldo is waiting for you at home. The only difference from this caldo is that the chicken used was grown in a lab. Would you be into it?  

Though lab-grown chicken won’t be readily available for everyday consumers anytime soon, it is becoming more of a reality.  

After all, two start-ups, Upside Foods and Good Meat, recently received regulatory approval in the United States to sell their lab-grown or “cell-cultivated” chicken. This is a historic first in the US. It also marks a significant milestone in the advancement of cell-based meat, as reported by Vox. 

“This is the moment where the science fiction becomes reality,” Amy Chen, chief operating officer of Upside, told Vox in an exclusive interview. 

Why Does Lab-Grown Chicken Appeal to Some People?

Lab-grown chicken has gained recognition as a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional animal farming methods. Its potential to drastically reduce the environmental impact associated with conventional livestock farming, from greenhouse gas emissions to deforestation, is remarkable. 

If you’re ravenous for lab-grown chicken, you have two options. Upside is set to start selling its chicken filet at Bar Crenn, which is an upscale restaurant in San Francisco. The restaurant is run by three-Michelin-star chef Dominique Crenn, so you can imagine the prices of the dishes. On the other hand, Good Meat is set to open a restaurant run by Spanish Chef José Andrés in Washington, DC.  

Let’s not forget that there’s a huge difference in the “meatless” options consumers have had access to as of recent. Brands like Impossible and Beyond Meat are all plant-based, therefore no meat qualities live within their products. However, lab-grown chicken will use the animals’ cells – removing it from the vegan and vegetarian category. It, nevertheless, is meant to appeal to those concerned with climate change.  

As availability expands, lab-grown chicken is expected to be introduced in select restaurants, providing a tantalizing taste of the future. With production scalability and cost reduction as key drivers, this sustainable alternative is poised to revolutionize the way we consume meat, aligning with our growing concerns for the environment and animal welfare. 

This milestone approval for lab-grown chicken not only represents a significant achievement for Eat Just but also paves the way for further innovation in the cultivated meat industry. MarketWatch highlights the exploration of producing other types of cultured meat, such as beef, pork, and seafood. 

As the world embraces more sustainable and ethical practices, lab-grown chicken serves as a beacon of hope, ushering in a new era of responsible and conscious food production, as reported by AP News. 

For now, our family’s ganado remains safe. So, go enjoy your caldito, while you can. 

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