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Say Goodbye to Christmas Chaos with This Easy-to-Prepare Latine-owned Cafecito

With the holidays approaching, everything seems to be moving faster. We start attending all those fun posadas, prepare all the dishes needed for those family get-togethers, and stress can no longer be associated with work but rather with all the prep you need to think about for everything to go smoothly and enjoy the most beautiful time of the year.   

By thinking about this, I can already see myself drinking lots of much-needed coffee to survive the Christmas chaos that sometimes dawns upon the world. And, if there’s a way to enjoy a good cafecito and I have the option to make it fast, even better.  

Well, whether it’s for yourself at home or for your last-minute Christmas party, drinks can now be less of a burden.  

Latina and San Antonio native Stefanie Garcia Turner has created a series of traditional beverages that are fast to prepare and promise all the sabor that we, as Latinos, are accustomed to.   

Say Goodbye to Christmas Chaos with This Easy-to-Prepare Latine-owned Cafecito
Credit: tuyyo.com

Cafecito makes everything better and TUYYO knows this

Garcia created TUYYO, like the Spanish words tuyo and tú y yo, with the mission to promote and highlight Latine heritage and culture. So, if you’re looking for some easy-to-prepare cafecito de olla — with those unique Mexican flavors –, this is a perfect option. It is my favorite one because café de olla can take some time to make.  

“The inspiration for the brand really came from my childhood and being a kid. You know, going to the Latin-American markets with my cousins, and we would always buy the candies and the cookies, and all those fun things that we loved,” Garcia told QVC network. “Fast forward to today, I still find the same things in these markets, but nothing has changed. So, I created TUYYO to symbolize the coming together as a community, coming together over food and drink.” 

Don’t let the holiday rush get over you. Always remember to stop for a minute, make a quick cafecito, and enjoy the Christmas cheer.  

If you’re not really into coffee, TUYYO’s aguas frescas can be the perfect option. You can also mix it with some tequilita or mezcal.  

I’m already relaxed having my cafecito and aguas frescas in a matter of minutes, stress-free and with all my sabor Latino. Best of all, you, too, can partake in this experience.

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