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Contour Culture: A Newbie’s Guide To Serving Face

7 A Newbie’s Guide To Serving Face

Your choice in makeup is as personal as your choice in undergarments. But unlike your intimate, makeup determines the aspect of yourself that you want to project, and thus has the power to set the tone for your day. Just like wearing those grandma panties that likely won’t help you score in the bedroom, there’s an unspoken message that you send based on your makeup. It may or may not be a part of your grooming practices, however, your makeup preference will in fact create a perception about you and the message you’d like to convey.

One step that has become essential to makeup application is contouring; aka the poor man’s plastic surgery. It’s the difference between sex siren and the no-makeup makeup look, when you want to serve that “I-woke-up-like-this” Beyoncé face. No matter which face you present to the world, be prepared for the inherent message you are sending. Not knowing what your makeup says about you is a valid concern, but this guide has you covered. We will give you the 411 on the various faces of makeup, and what they each project. After all, we don’t want you caught in the wrong face at the wrong time!

6 Seduction Face

This look is all about romance and seduction. It says, I have a hot date and I’ll have him eating out of my hands, or something, by the end of the night. This is the perfect look for Valentine’s Day, when you have something steamy planned for your partner. That dance of seduction starts with the clothes and is complimented by the sexy makeup. Attention to your piercing eyes, amazing brows pouty lips and exceptional cheekbones are the key to this look. Proceed with caution and keep the fire extinguisher close, as this look might set off some sparks!

5 Diva Face

This is the poker face, also known as Resting Bitch Face (RBF). Depending on your intended outcome, you can use this face to your advantage, when you’re not ready to reveal all your cards. The most striking characteristic of this look is the eyebrows. The higher the arch the more “diva” the look. Next in line are those cheekbones, which you get from lots of contouring and highlights. Genetics play a part too, but contouring can accentuate what’s already present.

4 Job Interview Face

This face should be taken seriously. No time for games, as this is a turning point in your life. Whether you’re interviewing for a corporate job or are the interviewer in one, this moment could be game-changing. How you look is a part of the overall interview process. Aside from the expected crisp clean attire, your face is the next point of scrutiny. Here are what we view the critical DOs and DON’Ts (but of course, taste is personal, so don’t worry — we never judge).

  1. DON’T over contour. Unless you are interviewing as a Makeup Artist, this trick is unnecessary.
  2. DON’T over highlight. (Same reason as DON’T #1).
  3. DON’T wear red lipstick. A bright color lipstick is acceptable after you’ve landed the job and also depends on the place of business. Some rules are unwritten, but follow your intuition and assess based on the company culture.  This is completely dependent on how you want to be perceived in the workplace)
  4. DON’T wear too much eye shadow or none at all. This denotes that you’re not serious about the meeting’s purpose and can be misconstrued.
  5. DON’T over shape your eyebrows.


  1. DO use primer. This will help to keep your face matte, especially if you’re nervous.
  2. DO wear foundation. They don’t have to witness the remnants of the pimple you popped.
  3. DO wear nude color lipstick that blends with your skin tone. Matching liner is recommended.
  4. DO make sure to trim your eyebrows.  
  5. DO smile. Best trick in the book.

3 Meet-the-Parents Face

You’re meeting the parents of your significant other and you already have major anxiety. You’re feeling butterflies in your stomach but not in the way that makes you giddy with excitement. This occasion is different, and could make or break your relationship with the potential in-laws. This is important to you, especially when meeting “Mom.” Like in a job interview, first impressions will last. With that that said, the key here is “less is more.”  Of course you want to wear your favorite lipstick and follow your typical routine, but you also want to make sure their potentially “judge-y mom” has nothing extra to criticize. Best bet is to apply lightly. Choose neutral tones of eyeshadow if you decide to wear it. Make sure the contour and highlights are also light and effortless. Appearance is definitely high on the list so you want your face to compliment the classy outfit you have ready.

2 No Make-Up Makeup Face

Perhaps a date may be coming to your home for the first time, and you want to look effortless yet radiant in your own home. They say, “Wow, you look amazing!” and your response is “Oh really, I pulled myself together in five minutes just before you got here!” This is the opening dialogue you are going for with this face. Even though primer, foundation, concealer, brow gel, highlighter and slightly pink gloss were involved, no one has to know.

1 St. Tropez Face

Non-touring” is the key to this look. It is effortless, with a subtle dewy glow, as if you’ve been sailing on a catamaran in the Mediterranean, sipping jelly coconuts and taking in some vitamin D. Water-based makeup and no contouring is involved to achieve this face. Light highlights using cream based illuminators would do the trick. This concept involves much less effort and products, which means your actual skin is the main attraction. In this case, using hydrating products with flickers of shimmer are a perfect natural glow enhancer. Following a consistent skin regimen is essential for this to work. That means making sure you thoroughly clean your face with a product that removes all dirt and makeup every day, thus keeping those pesky blackheads at bay.

We are all many versions of ourselves and how you face the world is a personal choice. We dress according to our moods and makeup is a part of that expression. No matter the face, authenticity should always prevail. Being your true self is the one aspect of life where you have full control. You get to decide your personal brand in this global society. Make no apologies for being bold and being you.

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