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Crystal Cool: How to Pick the Right Ones for Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Crystals

You’ve found yourself drawn into the world of crystal stones, but you feel so overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to begin! You’re not alone in this experience. The moment you shift your awareness about the possibilities that crystal healing can provide likely becomes one of the most exciting, yet intimidating encounters anyone can embark as a facet of their spiritual journey. However, don’t let the initial emotion of lack of knowledge bulldoze you away from your new go-to healing modality. Crystal stones aren’t all that difficult to incorporate into your daily routine. Go from novice to enthusiast in no time with our tips towards picking the right crystals according to your zodiac sign. Take it a step further and check out stones for not only your sun sign, but for your moon sign, rising sign, and Venus sign. You can thank us later for the astro tip! 

You’re No Expert and That’s Okay

The first step towards picking the right crystal stone for your current vibration is to release the fear of being a “newbie.” Getting caught up in the mentality of not knowing enough about all the plethora of crystals that are out there? Don’t stress it! No one becomes an expert overnight so drop those self-imposed limitations and have fun with the process. One of the most organic methods of crystal shopping is simply walking into your favorite metaphysical shop and vibing out to which crystals intrigue you the most. Let’s say you’re not all that ready yet to walk into a spiritual shop for whatever reason, don’t worry sis. Check out the list below so you can walk in feeling confident when you pick out your new crystal babies in-person. 

Working with the Elements of the Zodiac

Pam Covarrubias, Certified Crystal Healer and Host of Cafe Con Pam Podcast, shares some quick insight into her own personal methods of working with crystal stones. “If someone is an Earth sign [e.g. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn], look for crystals that have grounding properties,” shares Covarrubias

Crystals that offer grounding properties assist you with a sense of feeling connected to your sense of self and create a quality of clarity. If you’re an Earth sign you’re likely very practical and can easily go the distance when it comes to attaining your ambitions, which is why staying grounded with specific crystals can amplify your already driven nature, by staying focused. Consider working with carnelian, black obsidian, or shungite. 

“Water signs [Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces], think of crystals that allow more movement and flowiness of your emotions,” expressed Covarrubias. 

Water signs are notoriously in tune with their emotions. If you have a water sign as your zodiac sun sign or carry a lot of water placements then you’re absolutely keen on your states of emotional awareness and intuition. At times, you might be so “in your feelings” that you could lack the ability to express or apply action. Incorporating stones that assist you water signs with a healthy push of encouragement to apply forward movement will benefit your wellbeing. Stones such as aquamarine, malachite, or tiger’s eye. 

Are you a fire sign? Aries, Leo and Sagittarius fall under the element of fire in astrology. You fire signs are known for being passionate leaders and fearlessly independent. With all that fire inside, you might have a tendency to lose your cool or not express yourself as well as you intend to, nothing you can’t balance out with crystals! Try working with stones that allow you to express your truth and encourage empathy. Amazing stones for those intentions are blue lace agate, lapis lazuli or rose quartz. 

If you’re an air sign, you are someone who excels in life through your intellect. Where are our air signs: Aquarius, Gemini Libra? With so much time spent in your mind, you might be really focused on your upper chakras of your crown and third eye. This can sometimes create a state of imbalance by not allowing you to stay grounded. Rather instead, you might notice a lot of tendencies to over analyze and create analysis-paralysis. Stones that help you think with mental clarity will encourage personal enlightenment. Recommended stones are amethyst, crystal quartz or citrine.

Basic Traits of Astrology

Understanding the basic traits of each zodiac sign will help you zone in on your areas of focus when it comes to picking out crystals. Get familiar with all four of the elements of the zodiac by learning more about how they operate. 

Additionally, you’ll want to understand your own personal natal chart. A natal chart is one that is created at the moment of your birth that maps out the positioning of the stars in the sky at that moment. In order to do so, you’ll need to acquire your birth time, birth location and of course, date of birth. A natal chart is so insightful for anyone seeking to understand their personal astrology from a much more conscious effort. After you get your hands on a natal chart you’ll want to make a note of where your big placements are such as your moon sign, rising sign and Venus sign. Understanding these positions in your natal chart will help you gain deeper insight into who you are cosmically and how you can integrate crystal healing into your tailored healing journey. 

If you’re curious to learn more about how crystals can benefit your energy and chakras you’ll want to consider seeking out a certified crystal healer or energy worker such as: pranic healer, reiki healer or curanderx specializing in pasos de manos. 

According to Covarrubias, “When working with crystals we use chakras. Chakras are compasses to figure out where you’re unbalanced in your energy.” 

Remember that there is always so much to learn when it comes to the world of crystals and the realm of spirituality. The key to success is to have fun and enjoy the process. 

May you manifest wisely. 

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