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Daddy Yankee Is No Longer Retired as He Is Making a Comeback Singing Christian Music

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Credit: Daddy Yankee, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Daddy Yankee, who is known by many as the king of reggaeton, has decided to make a return to the music scene. However, this time around, he’s embracing Christian themes in his music.  

This reggaeton legend, whose real name is Ramón Luis Ayala, said in his final concert that he was going to dedicate his life to spreading the message of God. Now, he’s staying true to his promise by reentering the music industry with a renewed purpose – to use his platform to evangelize and inspire through his music.  

“I had stated in my last concert that I would use all my platforms for the Kingdom, and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” he said in a video he shared to his social media pages. 


Como lo dije en mi último concierto de La Meta: la música, las redes sociales, prédicas, conciertos y otros tipos de eventos de mis plataformas serán usadas para el servicio del Reino. Continúo en la música pero con un nuevo propósito, llevar luz y el evangelio del Señor a todas las almas del mundo. Y en esta ocasión lo hago a través del tema: “DONANTE DE SANGRE “🩸✝️🩸” #NuevaMusica #NewMusic #DaddyYankee #DonanteDeSangre

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Daddy Yankee Marks His New Chapter with ‘Donante de Sangre’

As Daddy Yankee reminded his fans of his newfound purpose, he also unveiled the title of his upcoming Christian-themed song: ‘Donante de Sangre.’ The song is set to come out on Friday, March 29th, which is observed as Good Friday this year for those of the Christian faith. Though the direction is drastically different than what fans are accustomed to, many are eager to witness this new evolution of Daddy Yankee.  

Furthermore, the “Gasolina” singer assured his supporters that ‘Donante de Sangre’ would be available on major digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, ensuring widespread accessibility upon its release. This move signals his return to the music scene as well as showcases the beginning of a new chapter in his career. 

Daddy Yankee is not the first reggaetonero to make a shift in his musical direction. Hector El Father decided to dedicate his life to his faith in the early 2000s – during his career’s peak. El General, one of the musicians who inspired the inception of reggaeton, also backed away from reggaeton and changed his life to mirror one of faith. Other artists in the urban space who leaped into their faith are Farruko and Almighty.  

Daddy Yankee’s musical comeback promises to be a transformative experience for listeners around the world. 

Will you be listening to his new music? 

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