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Endings and Rebirth Are Key During This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Endings and Rebirth Are Key During This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio Belatina news
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If you’ve been feeling like cutting loose or burning down the old and starting anew, it’s due to the Phoenix-rising from the ashes-like transformation about to take place, which arrives in the form of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on Sunday, May 15 at 9:15 p.m. PT/Monday, May 16 at 12:15 a.m. 

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. It is symbolized by being spiritual and intense with the desire to swim into the depths of emotion. Yes, this astrological setup is as complex as it gets! 

Full moons occur when the sun (identity) opposes the Moon (emotions) and create a culminating point when we become aware that a relationship, situation, or way of being has run its course. Similar to when we naturally reach goals or deadlines. And reaching our goals or understanding that something in our lives has reached its end brings big feelings of all kinds, including self-sabotage. 

This Full Moon is a special one

It’s important during any Full Moon – and especially with this one – to pause before making decisions or cutting loose.

Mercury, the messenger planet that rules communication and technology went retrograde on May 10th until June 3rd in its home sign of Gemini (communications) and miscommunication can happen easily. 

When the earth is between the sun and moon, the earth casts a shadow over the Moon, adding more intensity – if that’s even possible. As we can surmise, there are powerful forces at play (not all conscious) and we must proceed with caution. We must ask ourselves: “What has reached its conclusion and needs to be released to make way for the new?” Keep in mind that questions such as these will be an overarching theme. 

Scorpio is one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac and will influence us to listen and sense deeply as we walk through this birth, death, and inevitable rebirth cycle! 

What needs to be released within me so, I may truly live?

As we are presented with this portal for change, we must remember that most of us are afraid of shifts in our lives. We either move cautiously into it, jump into it screaming or are dragged through it by the Universe. Whatever fortune you choose, breathe and invite tranquility in. Ground and express a deep prayer of faith giving yourself the confidence that your deepest knowing is guiding you where you most need to be. Endings and much-needed faith are not the domain of the personal. Note that the collective is clamoring for cambios.

Cycles affect everything around us

The United States natal chart includes Pluto in Capricorn, the main themes being the transformation of old ways of leadership. With Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, there is a promise that old systems of inequality, systemic racism, and economic instability will eventually transform. We see a slow death, even a backsliding into the old ways of patriarchy. The two steps we fought so hard for are quickly sliding generations back.  

From talks on overturning Roe vs Wade, the war in Ukraine, the decades-long battles of Israel and Palestine, wildfires on the West coast, and so much more, the world stage continues to move in its chaotic dance. But if we’ve learned anything from Scorpio and Pluto is that all must undergo the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. So, as we move towards the hope for a new reality in our world, we need to continue to build our own resilience and build unity to midwife these endings which will, eventually, welcome a collective beginning. 

We must continue healing, unpacking, and creating the vision to guide us into a more humanitarian future that will benefit us all. 

Mars and Neptune are in a favorable trine inviting us to dream and feel into actionable steps

Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars (warrior) and Pluto (transformer) and is the ruler of the 8th house of sex; it is also known for death/birth/rebirth/power, money/inheritances as well as the occult. You may find yourself connecting deeply with a stranger, confessing your darkest secrets to a co-worker, or finally telling your significant other that you want to ditch the beautiful life you two have created together and invite them to join you in an unknown adventure. Psychic dreams, transcendent downloads, and intuitive whispers are stronger than ever. Changing careers, formulating break-out plans, and saying “yes” to the life you’ve wanted for some time – even though it will require the ending of what has been till now – are all possible.

Aries: Full moon and lunar eclipse transit your eighth house and something you’ve been feeling are coming to a natural end. It will become more tangible for you to release making way for the incredible new opportunities coming your way! 

Taurus: This full moon and lunar eclipse fall on your seventh house of partnerships, both romantic and business. It’s time to review and speak clearly on the reciprocity of your relationships. Over-giving isn’t a good look and will eventually drain you. So, it’s time for boundaries and changes in how you teach others to treat you. 

Gemini: This full moon and lunar eclipse inspire you to revamp your wellness and health habits as it lights up your sixth house of health, habits, and job. This tune-up will impact your inner and outer environments creating a wave of energy and shifts that will positively impact your trabajo as well! 

Cancer: Ready or not, your romance sector is about to be sparked! Full moon and lunar eclipse land on your fifth house of romance, creativity, and self-expression. The process of reclaiming your voice and desires will attract deep connections with new or current relationships. 

Leo: Your fourth house of home life, ancestors, and foundations are lit up by the luminaries this month! You’ll be clearing some regret, releasing guilt and shame, and embracing more of the joy of family and roots! Remember that we get to define what family is. If your birth family has not given you what you needed, it’s now the time to embrace friends as the deep connections you need.

Virgo:  While some need to rest now, the productive Virgo needs to be out and about! The full moon and lunar eclipse fall on your third house of communication, short trips, siblings, and social media. Step out from the digital account and meet some folks in person! You need more of a work/play balance and now is your chance!

Libra: The full moon and lunar eclipse light up your second house of income, investments, and values. And choosing income over self-care may not be cutting it. Revisit your budget and make more space for downtime. It’s crucial that you value yourself and give yourself what you need. This may include a new job, project, or opportunity that increases both your income and playtime!  

Scorpio: This full moon and lunar eclipse are shining the light on your first house of self and that means you’ll be facing your shadows and doing the work. Make space to process old wounds, deal with heavy emotions, and dream of your reinvention in the next few months. Don’t publicize your plans for the changes you are planning. Do allow your creativity and self-expression to flow as a natural outlet of your soul’s desire!

Sagittarius: If you’ve been dreaming of a hammock or curling up in bed, now is the time to make your desires a reality! The full moon and the lunar eclipse fall in your 12th house of spirituality, solitude, and the subconscious. This is all about taking the time to get quiet rest, review, reflect, and restore your batteries. Although it’s not comfortable for you to stop your explorations, trust your gut that slowing down now will help you grow in leaps and bounds later! 

Capricorn: Time for a team meeting, Capricorn! The full moon and lunar eclipse light up your 11th house of friendship and networking, so it’s time to connect with the people you admire and respect. Your confidence and courage will allow you to open paths that may not open for others but you will go farther when you nurture success for your community! 

Aquarius: This month’s luminaries fall in your tenth house of career, public recognition, and mentors. There’s some healing available around the failure of mentors or your father figure. As you dive deeper, you’ll understand that it had nothing to do with your capacity and lovability and everything to do with their need for healing. You’ll feel lighter and more prepared to uplevel your visibility and career! 

Pisces: Yasss! Pisces, your visions of adventure and travel are near! This month’s full moon and lunar eclipse light up your ninth house of foreign travel, spiritual philosophy, long-term goals, and adventure! You’ve already been fantasizing about all of this, so it’s not overwhelming. You’ll find yourself going with the flow and even experiencing some deja vu on the way! Make sure to plan that trip, go back to school, or get clear on your worldview through deep discussions.

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