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The Family of Fort Hood Soldier, Vanessa Guillen, Seek $35 Million in Damages

The Family of Fort Hood Soldier, Vanessa Guillen, Seek $35 Million in Damages belatina latine
Credit: Wiki Commons/ U.S. Army / Ejército de los Estados Unidos

In 2020, Vanessa Guillen was murdered in the Fort Hood military base, which is outside of Killeen, Texas. Now, Guillen’s family seeks $35 million dollars from the United States government on the basis of sexual harassment, abuse, assault, rape, sodomy, and wrongful death.

The Mexican American soldier Vanessa Guillen lost her life at the hands of a fellow soldier by the name of Aaron David Robinson. Guillen reportedly dealt with sexual harassment issues throughout her career in the military. She served from 2018 until her tragic death in 2020.

The Steps to Justice

Robinson allegedly had help from Cecily Aguilar. Police state Aguilar was Robinson’s girlfriend – and another soldier’s estranged wife. After Guillen’s death, both Robinson and Aguilar dismembered her body and left her remains along the Leon River in Hamilton County, Texas. 

Guillen’s remains were found on June 30th – a few months after going missing in April 2020. Aaron David Robinson once again proved how much of a coward he was by fleeing from the military base where he was stationed; he killed himself before facing the consequences of his crime. 

On May 24th, 2022, the Texas Department of Public Safety issued a statement regarding the alleged motive.

“Aguilar later explained why Robinson killed Guillen, saying Guillen saw Robinson’s cell phone lock screen, which contained a picture of Aguilar. (Robinson) told her he was worried about getting in trouble for violating the Army’s fraternization rules since Aguilar was still married to another soldier and he hit Guillen in the head with a hammer.” 

Aguilar is still in the midst of being prosecuted. Her trial is set for January 3rd, 2023. She was indicted by a grand jury on 11 charges. 

The lawsuit awaits a decision by a three-judge panel from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court. However, cases like this can last many years. The sum awarded to the Guillen family remains unclear.

Guillen’s death sparked a social media movement that pressured the government and military to be more attentive to the situation. The movement continues to grow and now we wait with hopes justice is served sooner than later.

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