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Foreigners Continue to ‘Fastidiar’: Now They Want to Close Down a Local Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta Because the Mexican Music is ‘Too Loud’ 

Foreigners Continue to ‘Fastidiar’: Now They Want to Close Down a Local Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta Because the Mexican Music is ‘Too Loud’ 
Credit: GoFundMe by Julio César Castillon Perez

Last week, Mazatlán was in the spotlight with heated discussions of foreigners trying to remove Mexican bands from its lively beaches, decried by some as too noisy and raucous. (Spoiler alert: Mexican culture won as expected.) Yet, amidst this uproar, a strikingly similar controversy has unfurled in Puerto Vallarta, casting a shadow over an iconic restaurant, “Gaby’s,” with a storied 35-year history. 

Chef Julio Castillón took to TikTok to unveil the “legal battle” he’s entangled in with foreigners who’ve sued him over the boisterous ambiance of his establishment. In other words, for honoring Mexican tradition and letting the natives enjoy traditional Mexican music. In a video that’s garnered nearly 1.3 million views since the writing of this article, Castillón recounts how a couple of years ago, some “gringos,” as he colloquially refers to them, acquired a multi-million-dollar property right next to his restaurant, thus igniting his ordeal. 


VALLARTA debe regular los precios airbnb y rentas hasta para muchos extranjeros ya es caro ,Y no me malentiendan no son todos , incluso muchos de mis clientes son extranjeros pero hay una parte de ellos los que les dicen LOS KARENS ( de todo se quejan) (y muy al estilo gringo demandan hasta por la mosca que respira ) No estoy de acuerdo con los cambios a nuestra cultura y que gente extranjera venga y nos quiera decir que les molesta y que no , es como si voy a tu casa y te digo que hacer y que no hacer 🇲🇽🇲🇽😤😤TOTAL APOYO A LOS MUSICOS DE MAZATLAN Y LAS BANDAS NO SEAN DEJADOS #mazatlan #ernestocoppel #bandasmazatlan #notocarlabanda #gentrificacion #gringos #quejasdelruido #coppel #prohibirlasbandas #vallarta #puertovallarta @Anais Belloso

♬ sonido original – Cheff Julio Castillon

“Gradually, they began voicing their discontent over the restaurant’s operations. Today, I find myself battling legal issues in administrative courts. Why? Defending my license because these individuals have sued us, claiming that we’ve been infringing on their quality of life as retirees here in Puerto Vallarta,” said the chef. 

Castillón is rightfully upset, arguing that his restaurant has been an integral part of the community for decades, and it’s unjust for newcomers to dictate the operational norms of local businesses in the city. 

“Now, all of a sudden, you come to my country, or you come to my country, and one must adapt. We’re situated in a prime tourist locale. This restaurant boasts a rich legacy. If you choose to visit Mexico, you must comprehend that our culture is steeped in tradition, it pulsates with music, it dances with life,” he reiterated.  

This Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta Needs to Be Left Alone

Ultimately, the restaurateur finds it bitterly ironic that foreigners, whether Canadian or from the United States, flock to tourist hotspots like Vallarta, Mazatlán, or Los Cabos, only to seek solace in silence amidst the energizing rhythms that define Mexico’s spirited atmosphere. 

“We, as Mexicans, must stand firm. Musicians, stand your ground. This is our homeland, and we must rally to defend one another,” he said. 

He is not the only one dealing with this type of gentrification in Mexico. Many other locals are grappling with the encroachment of foreign influence on their cherished cultural traditions – and it’s becoming too much to bear.  

When will these people understand that they must respect cultural traditions?  

If you want to help save Gaby’s, you can contribute to its GoFundMe page.  

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