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The Funniest Tweets From Nuestra Gente

Funniest Tweets BELAtina Latinx
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The weeks of this dizzying 2022 seem to go by in the blink of an eye. At BELatina, we love to look back and relive the funniest moments on social media.

While we endure our day-to-day lives and celebrate the countless stories we put out there, we also like to sit back and take a moment to laugh at the funniest tweets from nuestra gente.

What’s the point of social media if we can’t also laugh at the more positive moments? After all, the world is rife with negativity and chaos. So recapping funny posts is a breath of fresh air.

From pop culture moments to funny and relatable scenarios, here are the ten funniest tweets that have come our way these past few weeks on social media.

Bad Bunny gave us hilarious moments during his “El Último Tour Del Mundo” tour dates. From meditating on stage to tweeting to his audience that he’s on stage – Benito really is the definition of his “YHLQMDLG.” However, our favorite moment was when he was mid-show literally applying Vicks VapoRub. Hopefully, he felt better during the show!

On Mexican Twitter, we all laughed at a trend surrounding Coldplay.

Yes, Coldplay. The British rock band was in Mexico for just enough time to become a meme while they were in town to play their epic shows.

Y’all gotta know that when Latines wild out, we almost always bust an “ey” somewhere, whether it’s during the chorus or highlighting the song’s message – we ‘“ey” all the way.

Why is it that whenever something falls in the shower, your parents or grandparents are the first to freak out? Sorry that I have slippery hands!

This is more cute than funny, but how can we not enjoy a wholesome moment? We’re here to elevate your mood in whatever way possible!

Jajaja, we can’t help but wish we were participating during any of The Kardashian’s extravagant events. In any way possible.

Why do Mexicans eat their meat extra well done?

And we don’t regret one single carb. Our body is our temple, and sometimes the temple is pizza.

Y’all know you’re already thinking of a story that your elders have repeated over and over again. What’s funny is that we will be the ones doing the story-telling in a few years.

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