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5 Guacamole Recipes Fit For Anyone Who Visits You On Game Day

Did you know that the Aztecs invented guacamole in the 16th century? 

Guacamole is a Mexican sauce of pre-Hispanic origin. The Mexica used to call it “ahuacamolli”. This name comes from the words ahuacatl (avocado) and molli (mole) and could be translated as “avocado mole.”  

Before the arrival of the colonists, guacamole consisted of avocados, tomatoes, and chiles, which were mashed in molcajetes and eaten. But with the conquest, the recipe was transformed.     

Today, the most common recipe includes onion, garlic, salt, and lime juice, but why settle for the ordinary?   

During our first episode of BELatina TV, Chef James used his culinary skills to concoct a few tasty guacamole recipes. Aside from being well-crafted, these recipes will give people the chance to please anyone who visits their Game Day gathering.  

Besides, what better way to celebrate with your friends and family than with food so delectable everyone will be talking about it for ages?    

So, together with our friends at Avocados From Mexico, we bring you three different guacamole recipes to surprise your friends during the Big Game.  

Note that these recipes carry out a secret-not-so-secret ingredient: using avocados cultivated by Avocados From Mexico.  

Recipes courtesy of Chef James. 

guacamole BELatina RecipeThese guacamole recipes are so good that they may prompt people to juggle their Avocados From Mexico, just like Chef James did during this special segment. 

For more information and recipes you can find them at Avocados From Mexico.

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