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‘In the Thick:’ Here’s Why We Love this Podcast

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Our views on the news and those who report it has changed as much as the world. Whether it is CNN, Fox News or the local reports, we are bombarded with information. The details of any given story can be filled with all sorts of facts that can be embellished to serve the people reporting it. The target audience won’t know how much of a story is accurate, although, we like to trust that our news media feeds us information that is mostly reliable.

Regardless, of partial or full truths received, there are two possible outcomes. The first, may to listen for the news then take away whatever fits our ideology. Another, can be to allow others opinions to influence your own. Many struggle to accept and process some of the information because of the uncertainty of it all. What are the alternatives? In many cases, podcasts are the answer. Episodes are streamed or downloaded hoping to access voices that are more relatable and honest, sometimes brutally real. These programs have become increasingly popular. They select their own material significantly reducing censorship and bias, contrary to mass media.

In the Thick is one of those podcasts you either love it or hate it. Somewhat challenging to stay in the middle lane because of the rawness of it. Hosts, Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela participate in real talk with their guests. The conversations that take place will hit home for many listeners because there is no space for sugar coating. The hosts, as well as, guests in the episodes discuss identity, race and politics — unapologetically. 

I had the chance to listen to an episode or two, recently. One of which had Feminista Jones, writer and activist and Jenni Monet, an independent journalist and tribe member of Pueblo of Laguna. The group discussed everything from the Emmys, Bernie Sanders and the 2020 election. Initially, the language was slightly abrasive but the brutal honesty and passion for the various topics was definitely palpable. Loved it!

Anyone that has felt wronged unfairly in some way, whether due to their gender or color understands what silence can do internally. These podcast’s straight up dialogue may be what is sometimes necessary to put the bad stuff out there that must be heard. There will never be change without dialogue of modest and educated individuals who will open up a forum for others. These types of shows are crucial because they provide a place where people can address topics that the general public is not willing to discuss or has no interest spotlighting for their own self-interests.

Dare to be different and listen to one of these shows to see where your mind goes after listening to an episode. You might be surprised with the thought-provoking questions roaming in your own mind. It may lead to ask yourself some things you might not have considered before checking out In the Thick (ITT). 

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