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Jessica Alba and Lil’ Libros Are Reviving the Soul of Día de los Muertos

Jessica Alba and Lil' Libros Are Reviving the Soul of Día de los Muertos
Credit: Instagram/ lil_libros

Hollywood Latina luminary Jessica Alba, in partnership with Lil’ Libros publishers, has reshaped the essence of Día de los Muertos, the cherished Day of the Dead celebration. This age-old Mexican and Central American tradition, steeped in ancestral reverence, has found new life through an extraordinary fusion of art and literature. 

Día de los Muertos has perpetually held a profound significance in Latino culture, serving as a time when families unite to pay homage to their forebears. Amidst the beautiful hues of marigolds, or cempasuchil, and the intricate designs of sugar skulls, Alba and Lil’ Libros have intricately woven the threads of contemporary creativity. 

Between Alba and Latina entrepreneurs, Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein, they released diapers and books showcasing the wonders of the Day of the Dead tradition.  

For Alba, this collaboration resonates deeply on a personal level.  

“When I discovered that Ariana and Patty had created Lil’ Libros, I realized that it was the company I would have liked to have had when I became a mother,” Alba said. “These books highlight the value of bilingualism in a beautiful way, they celebrate our culture. I have wanted to collaborate with Lil’ Libros for years,” as reported by Noticias Telemundo.  

Every aspect of this collaboration is imbued with Alba’s intimate connection to the celebration. 

Lil’ Libros, renowned for their visually captivating children’s books that celebrate Latino culture and bilingualism, partnered with Alba to craft a series of Día de los Muertos-themed books. These literary gems not only educate young readers about the cultural significance of this tradition but also serve as a testament to the power of storytelling in preserving heritage. 

Keeping the ‘Día de los Muertos’ Tradition Alive

This collaboration culminated in an immersive experience that tantalizes the senses. Through intricately illustrated sugar skulls and narratives brimming with the essence of Día de los Muertos, these books serve as conduits to a world of cultural richness and familial ties. The items, such as La Catrina and Día de los Muertos book, can also be purchased in the Honest website, Alba’s company.  

Beyond the tangible allure of the books and the captivating ofrendas, Alba and Lil’ Libros have kindled a transformative spark within the community. Their innovative approach, blending ancient traditions with contemporary mediums, has made Día de los Muertos accessible to a broader audience. In doing so, they’ve fostered a profound understanding and deepened appreciation for this culturally rich celebration. 

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