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Karol G Channels Selena Quintanilla’s Timeless Spirit at 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards

Karol G Channels Selena Quintanilla’s Timeless Spirit at 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards
Credit: Red Carpet Fashion Awards/ Page Six

By now, we all know how much Karol G loves Selena Quintanilla. From her song “Mi ex tenía razón,” to singing her songs during her concerts, La Bichota is as much of a die-hard fan of the Queen of Tejano Music as much as we are. So, it is no surprise that she decided to seemingly pay tribute to this Latina legend during the Billboard Latin Music Awards.  


Dressed in an outfit reminiscent of Selena’s iconic style, Karol G paid homage to the late superstar, channeling not just her image but her unparalleled energy and charisma. The Colombian superstar stepped into the red carpet flaunting a beaded white dress that hugged her con mucho cariño. She also wore her hair in an updo that emulated the hairstyles Quintanilla used to wear. The bangs, the majestic mountain of hair, and the soft hairs draping her face were perfect for this Selena look. There’s no denying that Karol G and her team were inspired by what Quintanilla wore for the 1994 Grammys. According to Page Six, the dress was designed by Lillie Rubin and she graced the stage with it as she picked up her award for Best Mexican/American Album.  

Selena Quintanilla Continues to be Our Queen

For the Latino community, Selena Quintanilla isn’t just a name; she’s a legend, an icon, and una reina. Her music transcended boundaries, her charisma was magnetic, and her spirit was unbreakable. Selena gave our community representation in a time when this was a foreign concept, proving that talent could defy all odds. 

Selena’s legacy continues to resonate deeply within the hearts of millions. She became a symbol of cultural pride and Latina empowerment, breaking barriers in the male-dominated music industry and embracing her Mexican American heritage. Her tragic passing in 1995 didn’t diminish her light; instead, it ignited a flame that continues to burn brightly, influencing generations of artists, including Karol G. 

Karol G Is an Inspiration

Karol G’s presence at the Billboard Latin Music Awards wasn’t just a testament to her talent; it was a homage to the woman who inspired countless artists, including herself. As she took the stage, the audience felt the electric energy, a connection between two powerful Latina artists bridging the gap of time and space. 

With her wins echoing through the venue, Karol G proved that her dominance in the Latin music scene was unassailable. Her album “Mañana Será Bonito” was celebrated as the Top Latin Album of the Year and the Latin Rhythm Album of the Year, showcasing her musical prowess and ability to resonate with audiences across genres. 

Additionally, Karol G was honored as the Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year, Female, and the Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year, Female, reaffirming her status as a trailblazing force in the industry. She also won the Billboard Spirit of Hope Award. 

Karol G stands tall, not just for her musical talent but for her ability to touch lives and inspire change. It’s great to see a Latina like Karol G still remembers where her core lies. Truly, her tribute to Selena Quintanilla didn’t feel performative. Instead, it was a declaration of respect and admiration for the woman who paved the way for artists like her. 

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