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Karol G Ends the Year with More Wins with the Release of Her Newest Track ‘Que Chimba de Vida’ Release and a Vevo Triumph

Credit: YouTube/ Karol G

Karol G wrapped up 2023 on a high note, dropping her final track of the year, “Que Chimba de Vida.” In this Bichota-esque anthem, she celebrates the beauty of life, spreading positivity and encouragement. Not just content with the song release, Karol G included a special clip in her music video to inspire her fans, urging them to chase their dreams and manifest their desires. 

Karol G Ends the Year with More Wins with the Release of Her Newest Track ‘Que Chimba de Vida’ Release and a Vevo Triumph

Within a mere 24 hours of its release, the music video for “Que Chimba de Vida” skyrocketed, amassing over half a million views. This track encapsulates Karol G’s love for life, echoing her mantra of seizing the day. 

All Karol G Does Is Win

But this isn’t the only accolade Karol G obtained as the year drew to a close. She cemented her global dominance on Vevo, claiming the title of the ‘Most Watched Artist’ for the third consecutive year. With a staggering 4.7 billion views in 2023, Karol G’s performances on the music video platform continue to captivate audiences worldwide. 

The Vevo charts for 2023 reaffirm Karol G’s position at the helm. Her collaboration with Shakira on “TQG” secured the coveted spot of the ‘Most Watched Music Video’ of the year, pulling in a whopping 880 million views. The global premiere of “TQG” made waves with an astounding 181.9 million views, further solidifying Karol G’s influence and reach. 

Shakira, taking second place with 3.2 billion views, acknowledges the enduring power of Latin artists on the global stage. Additionally, the runners-up for the ‘Most Watched Music Video’ include Feid & Young Miko’s “Classy 101” (336.8m views), Karol G’s “Mi Ex Tenia Razon” (242.9m), and “Mientras ME Curo Del Cora” (201.8m), underscoring Karol G’s widespread impact across multiple tracks. 

Vevo, in its comprehensive review of 2023 trends, highlights the pivotal role of social media in music discovery. According to Music Business Worldwide, a whopping 57 percent of individuals reportedly found new music and artists on social platforms. Further emphasizing the impact, 76 percent of these discoverers sought out and watched the corresponding music videos, reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between social media and music consumption. 

Vevo’s analysis underscores the far-reaching influence of music videos, showcasing diverse cultures and traditions worldwide, resonating deeply with audiences, and offering a vibrant tapestry of global music.  

As the curtains draw on 2023, Karol G emerges triumphant – and we love that for her. From her new song to securing yet another strong year in Vevo, she must feel on top of the world. This is great for all of us because when one Bichota wins, all Bichotas win.  

Keep it up, Carolina.  

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