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BELatina TV Unveils Latest Episode on Lifetime TV as It Continues to Empower Modern Latinas 

BELatina TV Unveils Latest Episode on LifetimeTV as It Continues to Empower Modern Latinas 

The newest episode of BELatina TV, which aired on LifetimeTV, took us yet again into the world of modern Latina empowerment. As we all know, BELatina TV is a celebration of cultural richness, and it does this by showcasing education and entertainment in each segment.  

For this episode, BELatina featured some groundbreaking voices. For example, we explored the innovative landscape of ThirdLove, a brand deeply rooted in shaping inclusivity and quality. Karent Sierra went on a quick shopping spree where she was able to find the perfect bra with the help of ThirdLove. Thankfully, she shared tips and tricks to the viewers that will allow them to find the right size – without all the hassle – during this segment. 

Within the same episode, we had Nestle La Lechera Sweetened Condensed Milk join us. As BELatina is hosted by some of the sweetest people, Chef James Tahhan and Karent Sierra, Nestle La Lechera fit right in with them. Taking advantage of this delicious opportunity, Chef James put us on to some tasty desserts made with Nestle La Lechera. And, we can’t stress this enough: These recipes will rock your world. Let’s not forget that this pantry essential, free of artificial flavors, arrives in a convenient squeeze bottle, simplifying delightful moments from drizzling over cookies to enhancing your morning toast. ¡Que rico! 

And then, the spotlight turned to the world of El Mayor Tequila, a distinguished Latino-owned brand steeped in heritage and meticulous craftsmanship. Grace Gonzalez, the Fourth Generation Distiller and Brand Ambassador, offered a glimpse into El Mayor’s mission and her journey within this esteemed family legacy.  

Chef James also walked us through some cocktail recipes that can be elevated thanks to El Mayor Tequila. Its exquisite flavor and smoothness should drive anyone to make this tequila their go-to from now on.  

What’s Next for BELatina TV?

Each segment of this episode encapsulates BELatina’s ethos of celebrating diversity, advocating for empowerment, and fostering a sense of community. It’s been a remarkable year at BELatina, and as we gear up for an even more captivating third season ahead, we invite you to catch the latest episode.  

Tune in here to witness the richness that BELatina TV offers, celebrating the spirit of modern Latinas and multicultural communities. 

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