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Op-Ed: Why Karol G and Young Miko’s New Song ‘Contigo’ Is A Celebration of Queer Love and Not Queerbaiting

Op-Ed: Why Karol G and Young Miko’s New Song ‘Contigo’ Is A Celebration of Queer Love and Not Queerbaiting
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Karol G and Young Miko just released a new song together, and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding it. Whenever these two Latinas collaborate, it’s pure magic. Remember “DISPO”? That alone had me swooning. Now, their latest single, “Contigo,” is making waves, especially with its accompanying music video. 

“Contigo,” which samples Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love,” touches upon the various stages of love, particularly queer love. This aspect has grabbed people’s attention the most—the portrayal of love between two women. 

While Young Miko is openly queer, Karol G hasn’t confirmed or denied any claims about her sexuality. Speculating about someone’s personal life isn’t my style, and I certainly don’t condone outing anyone for the sake of a storyline. 

The music video takes us through a beautiful love story between these talented artists, but some are wondering if there are deeper messages embedded within.  

Karol G took to social media to clarify that “Contigo” speaks to anyone who has ever been afraid to love. It’s an exploration of the fears that queer individuals may face when expressing their love. (Let’s not forget how real this is. Queer people are more prone to hate crimes just because of who they love.) However, there’s also talk of queerbaiting, a marketing tactic that hints at queerness but doesn’t deliver, according to Health.com. 

Amidst these discussions, it’s important not to overlook Karol G’s intention to validate the beauty of queer love. As a queer woman myself, I see their portrayal as pure art —an illustration of the sweet, tender moments in young queer love, filled with both fear and exhilaration. 

The Impact of Karol G and Young Miko’s Song, ‘Contigo’

Acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community within the Latino community hasn’t always been the norm, given the influence of prominent Christian values. However, as time has gone by, more acceptance has started to reel in. Despite this, there’s still plenty of work that needs to be done to make everyone from the LGBTQ+ community feel welcomed.  

Currently, a shocking amount of trans people are being murdered and we can only assume this tragedy stems from ignorance. Let’s hope the world, including those in the Latino community, do better – and quickly. After all, everyone deserves to feel safe and loved – and welcomed at all tables.  

Karol G understands the significance of representation and ensures that no one feels excluded. She’s exemplified this sentiment in her career, but more so recently. La Bichota, for instance, has made sure to share her stages with artists who have needed an extra nudge or with those that needed a boost in confidence.  

Also, if “Contigo” were queerbaiting, she wouldn’t have involved queer individuals like Young Miko in the creative process. And Baby Miko was not only part of the process, but she also stars in her video too.  

It’s evident from Miko’s response on social media that she’s thrilled with the outcome. Additionally, having the opportunity to work THAT closely with Karol G is a win for queer women everywhere. 

In a way, “Contigo” showcases Karol G’s commitment to her fans, embodying the essence of love and acceptance. At least, that’s what I believe.  

If that’s not love, then what is? 

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