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Latino Creatives Are Being Encouraged to Tell Their Stories ‘Without Asking for Permission’ at Luz Films, the New Entertainment Company Shining the Brightest Lights on Latino-led Stories

Credit: Luz Films

A new era in Latino-focused entertainment has dawned with the launch of Luz Films, a pioneering company founded by Sergio Lira, Lynette Coll, and Cristobal Güell. With a vision to elevate historically excluded voices in the film and TV industry, Luz Films aims to foster diversity and authenticity in storytelling. 

Lynette Coll, co-founder of Luz Films

The company’s mission is clear: to mentor and support debut filmmakers, connect them with seasoned Latino creatives, and produce compelling content that resonates with audiences worldwide. By bridging the gap between emerging talents and established industry figures, Luz Films seeks to empower Latino storytellers and contribute to a more inclusive media landscape. 

In a recent interview with BELatina, Sergio Lira and Lynette Coll shed light on their groundbreaking work at Luz Films and discussed their projects, including the award-winning film “In The Summers,” which won the top prize in the Sundance Film Festival’s U.S. dramatic competition. 

The journey of Luz Films began with a simple yet powerful idea: to create a platform for Latino creatives to thrive and share their stories authentically. Sergio Lira reminisced about the company’s inception, stating, “We convened at Lynette’s house and had a meeting with some creatives, actors, filmmakers, and writers. We really wanted to hear from them.” This collaborative approach laid the foundation for Luz Films’ commitment to fostering a supportive environment for emerging talent. 

Lynette Coll echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the significance of the timing surrounding the formation of Luz Films. “It was like the universe put everything together for us,” she said. With a clear vision and a determination to address the systemic challenges facing Latino filmmakers, the founders embarked on a mission to create change from within the industry. 

At the heart of Luz Films’ mission is a dedication to amplifying diverse narratives and voices that are often overlooked in mainstream media. Coll emphasized the importance of creating a space where artists can take ownership of their stories without fear of censorship or compromise. This is a home that we’re creating for artists and for us to take ownership of our stories, and once and for all, just tell them without asking for permission,” she affirmed. 

Luz Films Takes Pride in ‘In the Summers’

One of the first projects from Luz Films is the “In The Summers.” It premiered at Sundance in January, and it was highly recognized by the audience. Starring Residente (aka René Pérez Joglar), Sasha Calle, and Lio Mehiel, the film is about two sisters who try to navigate their loving but volatile father during their yearly summer visits to his home in Las Cruces, New Mexico.   

Coll expressed her excitement for the film, praising director Alessandra Lacorazza’s visionary approach. “She’s a very detailed and visionary filmmaker,” Coll said. “The way that the structure of the story and each character has so many layers and colors is truly remarkable.” 

Despite the strides made by Luz Films, Lira and Coll are acutely aware of the challenges that lie ahead. Lira stressed the importance of securing financial support for Latino-led projects, calling on Latino benefactors to invest in their community’s stories.  

Sergio Lira, co-founder of Luz Films

We need our Latino benefactors here in the US being supportive in a financial way for our community. And I don’t think we’re getting enough of that support,” Lira said. 

On a Mission to Bring Latino Stories to Life

As Luz Films continues to gain momentum, Lira remains optimistic about the company’s potential impact. “We really just hope to shed a little bit more hope through our stories and through our art that we bring out into the world,” he said. With their commitment to authenticity, Sergio Lira, Lynette Coll, and Cristobal Güell are poised to usher in a new era of storytelling that celebrates the nuanced beauty of the Latino experience. 

Luz Films is about creating a community and empowering the next generation of Latino filmmakers. Coll emphasized the importance of mentorship and support, stating, “We want to provide opportunities for debut filmmakers and connect them with veteran Latino creatives who can collaborate with these new voices behind the camera and on-screen.” 

Looking ahead, Luz Films has ambitious plans for the future. The co-founders revealed that the company aims to have 3-4 films in production by the end of 2024, in various languages, to help bridge stronger co-production partnerships between the U.S. and Latin America. 

As Lynette Coll put it, ” Luz Films is a home for our community. We’re open to being in contact with our community. We’re here for artists.” 

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