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Karol G’s Fiery VMAs Performance: A Tribute to Her Relationship with Feid?

Karol G's Fiery VMAs Performance: A Tribute to Her Relationship with Feid?
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The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) held in New Jersey were nothing short of explosive, thanks in no small part to the electrifying performance by none other than one of our favorite Latinas, Karol G. The Colombian reggaeton superstar took the stage and hypnotized the audience with two of her latest singles, “OKI DOKI” and “Tá Ok.” 

However, what really had all the chismosxs buzzing, including us, was the cryptic messaging woven throughout La Bichota’s performance. As the lights dimmed and the spotlight centered on her, everything turned into an enigmatic combination of green and pink. She was also rocking a pink top and plaid skirt. While some might think it’s just an aesthetic choice, the colors seemed to hold deeper meaning. 

Karol G’s relationship with fellow Colombian musician Feid has been making headlines recently, and it appears that the verdant hues were a nod to her new beau. Feid, also known as Ferxxo, doesn’t hide his love for the color green. In fact, you can find the color present in anything Feid related. 

But the intrigue didn’t end with the color palette. Karol G’s microphone, too, was bathed in green. This provocative choice was anything but coincidental, especially when you consider the lyrics to her song “OKI DOKI.” Without delving into too much detail, it’s safe to say that Karol G used her performance to send a clear message, letting her ex-boyfriend Anuel AA know that her new relationship is, in her eyes, superior in every way. 

Anuel AA was in attendance, and it’s safe to say he didn’t miss the colorful performance. We can bet he is punching the air in his mind as he watched her curvy body roll on the stage. Oh, well. Como dicen por ahi: You snooze, you lose.  

Beyond Feid-Inspired Cryptic Messages

La Bichota’s night didn’t stop at just cryptic messages and sultry performances. Later in the evening, she had more reason to celebrate when she was announced as the winner of the Best Collaboration Award. Her collaborator? None other than the legendary Shakira. 

Shakira, who had earlier received the prestigious Vanguard Award, joined forces with Karol G for their hit song “TQG.” The dynamic duo’s win was a testament to the power of their collaboration and the lasting impact they’ve had on the music industry. 

It’s great to see Karol G continue to add new accolades and beautiful moments to her career. After sharing her pain with her fans for a couple of years, it brings us joy to see her thrive.   

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