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It’s Official! The Latina Actress, Shakira Barrera, Joins Marvel’s ‘Ironheart’

It's Official! The Latina Actress, Shakira Barrera, Joins Marvel's 'Ironheart' belatina latine
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The “GLOW” star, Shakira Barrera, was signed on to Marvel Cinematic Universe’s  (MCU) series, “Ironheart.” Streaming on Disney+, the much anticipated Marvel series launches in late 2023 – and we can’t wait!

MCU continues to bat for diversity with ‘Ironheart’

Fans are thrilled by the recent announcement as Marvel keeps the ball rolling with the castings on its first project primarily featuring a Black and Latino cast. Did you hear that, DCEU

Shakira Barrera is a Nicaraguan-American actress and dancer from Englewood, New Jersey, and is most known as Yolanda aka “YoYo” – a Mexican American dancer and stripper – on Netflix’s “GLOW” and Lovely Lulu on “It’s Bruno!”. 

Although nothing is known about her character as of yet, we do know that Barrera is set to be a series regular, and is the first Latina to be cast on the six-episode show created by Chinaka Hodge alongside “In the Heights” star, Anthony Ramos. 

“Ironheart” stars Dominick Thorne as Riri Williams – a genius scientist and inventor who obtains Stark’s technology and creates a suit similar to that of Ironman’s. 

The Disney+ series will change the course of the MCU like no other character since Robert Downey Jr.‘s Tony Stark. She is meant to carry out Iron Man’s mantle in the upcoming years.

The series won’t be the first introduction for the armored hero. Her debut comes to life in November 2022 in Ryan Coogler‘s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”

So far, Marvel has done a pretty good job of staying out of major controversy when it comes to representation. The casting of “Ironheart” is a victory in their continuation of prioritizing diversity and inclusion in their casting and production decisions. 

However, while representation is not an issue, the overbearing amount of light-hearted comedy has made some fans feel fatigued. Hopefully, “Ironheart” can hone in on the versatility of its cast to create a different type of MCU drama that we’ve never seen before. 

Are you excited about “Ironheart?” 

Make sure to keep an eye out for key details having to do with “Ironheart” in future trailers for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” 

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