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Weekly Roundup: Afro-Latinx Representation at the Emmys, AOC, Latine Artists, and More

¡Hola, BELatina readers! Happy Friday!

What. A. Week! But we finally made it through – and that’s what counts. It’s funny how even though it was a short week (due to the Labor Day observation), it still felt as if it was a five-day week. Pero that’s how busy and productive it’s been as we prepare for Hispanic Heritage Month!

Anywho! Let’s get talking about this week’s recap! 

This week we celebrated the beauty of our Latine talent by showcasing five incredible artists. We talked about Euphoria’s Colman Domingo who won his first Emmy and highlighted five points from AOC’s recent GQ profile.

We also got into films! We wrote about innovative film festivals such as the Venice Film Festival which premiered a movie that details the importance of democracy and the Hola Mexico Film Festival. To end things on a high note, we spoke to Claudia Castello, a Latina editor of Hulu’s PREY.

There’s more to that though! From our news desk to yours – here is BELatina News’ weekly roundup.

Celebrate the Beauty of Latine Talent by Following These Latine Artists

Celebrate the Beauty of Latine Talent by Following These Latine Artists belatina latine
Credit: Instagram @soni_artist

To get the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration started, we shared five Latine artists that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered.

‘Euphoria’ Actor Colman Domingo Talks About Afro-Latinx Representation After Emmy Win 

Photo credit: Instagram / @kingofbingo

Colman Domingo won an Emmy award for this year’s Outstanding Guest Actor. This marks both his first nomination and win. 

He spoke about what it felt like to represent Afro-Latinos and the hard-working class.

Domingo mentioned his dad’s side of the family. “They’re from Belize and Guatemala and all over Central America and I feel very proud,” he said.

Premiered at the Venice Film Festival, The Importance of Democracy is Showcased in ‘Argentina, 1985’

The 2022 Venice Film Festival’s line-up includes many anticipated films for the Oscar season.

An insightful and important film titled “Argentina, 1985” recently debuted at the festival. It was directed by Santiago Mitre, and written by Mitre along with Mariano Llinás. The film was inspired by two young lawyers, Julio Strassera and Luis Moreno Ocampo, who take on Argentina’s violent dictatorship in the midst of the Cold War.

The film is said to be a fictional drama, although it is inspired by real events.

5 Highlights From AOC’s GQ Magazine Cover Story

Credit: Wiki Commons/ By Franmarie Metzler; U.S. House Office of Photography

“The right wing’s night terror in the flesh,” GQ describes the Bronx Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Why? To begin with, let’s start with her appearance. As a Latina, we see ourselves through her – especially when she wears our culture’s signature red lipstick and gold hoop earrings. A politician that looks like us? How exciting for us. Yet, threatening to others.

To get a better insight into AOC’s world, GQ interviewed the “cultural star” on protesting, influencing social movements, the presidency, and why men have to speak up, among other subjects.

We rounded up five highlights from GQ’s interview with the one and only AOC.

Hola Mexico Film Festival is Back to Seek Latinx Representation in the Film Industry

Hola Mexico Film Festival has announced the seventh edition of ‘Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today’ (TFT), a career development program offered to Latinx filmmakers based in the United States. 

It comes just in time for the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations!

The program also lets participants screen their short films during the Hola Mexico Film Festival, which will be taking place October 2-10, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. 

We Spoke to Claudia Castello, a Latina Editor from ‘Prey’ — Here’s What She Had to Say

Credit: Instagram @predator

One of the people who made sure Prey was a success was Claudia Castello. Truly a badass, who enjoys adventure as much as good wave swells to surf on, she made sure the story was told properly through her superb editing skills. 

However, Castello’s success, like that of many Latinas, didn’t take the fast lane. The steps she took to get her to where she is today started off on a different path. In fact, she was once a professional athlete in Brazil. 

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