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Los Angeles Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez is Honoring Two Incredible Latinas on Latina Equal Pay Day  

Credit: Monica Rodriguez, LA City Councilwoman, District 7

Latina Equal Pay Day is here – and there are many ways its being observed this year. Let’s take Los Angeles, for instance.  

Los Angeles Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez is Honoring Two Badass Latinas on Latina Equal Pay Day  
Los Angeles City Council Meeting in Los Angeles City Hall, John Ferraro Council Chamber.

On October 4, 2023, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez made sure she pushed the narrative of progress and change forward by honoring two badass Latinas: Mónica Ramírez and Alexandra Torres Galancid. This occasion, dedicated to Latina Equal Pay Day, symbolized the day Latina women’s earnings align with those of non-Hispanic white men from the previous year. And it marked a pivotal moment in the ongoing fight for pay equity.  



Mónica Ramírez, a fearless leader in the Latina Equal Pay movement, is renowned for her impactful “Dear Sisters” letter. This missive, advocating for Latina farmworkers, went viral, sparking the TIME’s UP Movement and igniting a global conversation about gender-based violence. Ramírez, an attorney and advocate with over two decades of experience, has championed the civil and human rights of women, children, workers, Latinos/as, and immigrants. Her unyielding efforts led her to co-found Justice for Migrant Women, an organization focusing on anti-discrimination, anti-violence, equal pay, and other labor protections. Ramírez’s continuous commitment to advocating for fair pay and gender equity has resonated deeply, leading her to share her insights and knowledge with BELatina News in the past. Previously, she has shed light on the challenges faced by Latina workers and farmers, making her a respected and trusted voice in the community.  

Beside Ramírez also stands Alexandra Torres Galancid, a transformative figure championing the rights of women in non-traditional employment roles. Through her advisory roles at various levels of government, Torres Galancid has been instrumental in improving labor wage regulations and advancing non-traditional training and education for women in underserved communities. Serving as the Executive Director of Women In Non-Traditional Employment Roles (W.I.N.T.E.R.), she tirelessly advocates for equity and access to high-wage, non-traditional employment opportunities, reshaping the narrative of labor equality.  

What These Latinas Represent to ‘Latina Equal Pay Day’

The statistics remain stark: Latinas earn a mere 52 cents on the dollar compared to white non-Hispanic men, spanning various work types from full-time and year-round positions to part-time, seasonal, migrant, and gig work. Even in full-time roles, Latinas earn just 57 cents for every dollar earned by their counterparts, highlighting the pressing need for change.  

So, on October 5, 2023, Councilwoman Rodriguez is asking advocates and allies to unite nationwide for #LatinaEqualPay Day of Action. If you join, the rallying cry, “Pagame!” will echo across social media platforms, demanding fair pay and gender equity. At 2:00 am ET / 11:00 am PST, a Social Media Storm is set to flood the internet, fostering awareness and unity among supporters.  

Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez’s dedication and the inspiring work of Mónica Ramírez and Alexandra Torres Galancid converge, creating a powerful narrative of resilience, empowerment, and change. Together, they illuminate the path toward a future where every Latina receives the recognition and compensation she deserves, shaping a more just and equal society for all. 

Will we all finally get paid what we deserve soon? Let’s hope that’s the case – it’s rough out here. 

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