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Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Is Bringing Radical Transformation

Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Radical Transformation belatina latine

This Lunar eclipse occurs in the Earth sign Taurus on November 8th, lighting up the Taurus-Scorpio Node axis.

It is a powerful –  sometimes chaotic time – that pulls the veil wide open so we can see what was beyond our reach. Some things that we will come to understand might shock us, some might be a validation of some flash or insight, and other information may be what we’ve been trying to avoid with all our hearts. During this time, we can no longer put off what we know or what we’ve been shown. If we do, the domino effect of turning a blind eye might be greater than we imagine. 

The lunar eclipse in Taurus is packed with changes

This Full moon configuration arrives with Uranus, the awakener and transformer in the same sign, ushering it into radical transformation – whether we like it or not. Endings linger in the air as we continue to decide what needs to be left behind. 

What’s great is that it is arriving on the heels of the Día de Muertos. Through All Soul’s Day and Samhain, we are still walking more closely with our ancestors and with those patterns that may have supported our survival in the past. These same patterns now, however, fall short as we decide not just to survive but to thrive. The old ways of hiding, staying small, and many other limiting survival patterns no longer help us in these times of great change. 

Taurus and its focus on the Earth, the body, and finances are being jostled by the Sun and south node in Scorpio, the ruling power, sexuality, the occult, and other people’s resources. A quick makeover or paint job is not what this eclipse is asking for, instead, the transformation from the ground up is what is needed now.

The Moon represents our emotions. Meanwhile, the Sun is our ego and identity. During this time, we may find ourselves at odds with our hearts and our identity/ego. In order to move forward, we may have to give up something we’ve grown attached to emotionally or have come to see as part of our identity. Star-inspired fuel is added by Mercury (messenger), Saturn(taskmaster), and Uranus (transformer) where we may find ourselves feeling a bit trapped or desperate for change. Be wary of self-sabotaging behavior, and lean into your wellness and spiritual tools. We all need them now. 

This time of deep release, surrender, and change inspires us with the Scorpio season’s energy (birth/death/rebirth) to literally cut energetic cords with the past – both personally and collectively! Yes, this configuration lights up the sky during election day in the United States and it’s important that we stand up as we continue to hope, pray, and act for more justice and equality within our current government. 

What is the Full Beaver Blood Moon?

When the Moon, Sun, and Earth are aligned with the Earth in the middle, Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon and gives it a reddish hue. This Full moon happens at the same time when beavers start to take shelter in their lodges for the winter, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. The Beaver moon name comes from a mix of Native American, Colonial, and European sources. 

Some tips for this Full Moon:

  • Take some time to chill on your own without a lot of outside noise. Take extra good care of yourself and rest more.
  • Meditate, pray, or journal on what patterns have helped you survive but lately, just don’t support the level of thriving you are wanting to achieve. Think: What does radical transformation mean to you?
  • Analyze if you are being a people pleaser, tolerating trampling of your boundaries, or being unclear with your priorities. 
  • Make a list of the behaviors you’ve tolerated and the people who you no longer want to allow to partake in your energy. Light a candle. Then, call your energy back from all places and spaces and ask that these behaviors, situations, and people are released with ease and grace.
  • Remember, the ease and grace piece as eclipses have a way of working quickly and dramatically. Ask for a manageable transformation.
  • Take your time. Mourn what needs to be mourned and allow yourself to be grateful and open for the new as well!

Take a peek, sign by sign, for what’s ahead. Make sure to read Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for a more holistic overview!


Dinero is on your mind, Aries, and rightly so! Look out for a dramatic alignment or shift in your finances. While money might move quickly now, stay calm as you’re being set up for bigger and better opportunities. The eclipses help you review your income sources, spending, and investments. This Taurus lunation is inviting you to do what needs to be done to increase your financial seguridad!


Can you say complete metamorphosis? The Lunar eclipse in Taurus along with changemaker Uranus is upending everything you’ve been clinging to as real. The changes impact your identity and how you relate with others. It ain’t pretty, but it’s muy necesario as you continue your exquisite soul’s evolution! 


While you are usually a highly adaptable, energetic Gemini, this eclipse invites you to rest, recharge, and focus on your health in a huge way. Please focus on solitude and quiet time. You may feel uncomfortable limiting social engagements, but you’ll be grateful to yourself that you did when you emerge with a whole new vibra from your rest time!


You love who you love and you tend to stick to friends for life! This eclipse invites you to break from your usual social networks and be open to meeting new opportunities that arrive through new connections. Keep your people as the foundational friendships of your life and trust the new folks entering your life. This may reflect who you are now and who you are becoming as you continue your camino! 


You’ve been working under outmoded ideas and agreements. What worked for you ten years ago, no longer supports the life you want to live ahora. Notice how some connections, projects, and jobs seem to collapse or come to a conclusion. While you may want to hold on to what you know, these changes have been a long time coming –  and they are now here! Be brave. Step into the light and let your soul lead you to new opportunities for abundance and professional recognition! 


Earthy Virgo, you like to make decisions from a pragmatic perspective and this eclipse inspires you to take a wild leap into the unknown. If you’ve been holding back from your biggest dreams, goals, and desires, the momentum forward has arrived! Move out of your comfort zone and say yes to the grandest vision your mind, body, and espiritú can hold!


You’re privy to secrets that hit home at this time. Beware of feeling triggered as you witness friends being pushed to the edge of their own comfort zones. Allow them to live their own paths and make their own choices. As you give others permission to live their own lives, give yourself permission to do the best you can as you manage tremendous change and upheaval. All will be well and it may look different than you first imagined it to be. No te escondas de la verdad.


Change is coming whether you like it or not. You may have been sailing along ignoring the obvious because you didn’t know what to make of it, but the eclipse says: Pay attention ahora! Relationships could shift quickly, old patterns are breaking, and creating healthier new ones is on the horizon. Know that in order to experience joy and expansion we must also go through its opposite. Trust that you are lovingly guided by the dear departed on the other side.


While it’s usually hard to change old routines, the eclipse lends its disrupting power to your life, so take advantage and see what works and what needs to be released! While there may be some chaos, know that your natural optimism and go-with-the-flow spirit will make the best of it! This is not a time to stress, but rather a time to notice, observe, flow, and ask for grace as we each continue being moved in our purpose. 


You’ve been waiting for the right time or opportunity, yet this eclipse asks that you take the risk and bet on yourself! Of course, you always do, but this time you are taking risks on your most loved and deep goals. This eclipse asks that you let go of the usual way of doing things and allow more free form and play to guide your spirit! Release the weight of the past and play with the posibilidades!


This lunation is shaking things up in the home and family sector. While family secrets may come to light, repressed memories being processed, or sudden changes in your home –  know that you have the strength and energy to heal and integrate what is present. Envision this as an invitation to clean out your ancestral and familial closet. Set up new supportive patterns of behavior. What may have worked in the past, no longer serves. It’s a powerful time to create supportive ways of being. 


Secrets, intuitive guidance, and dreams abound under this eclipse in Taurus. Pay attention to flashes of insight, messages from the other side, and your inner voice speaking louder than usual! Don’t repeat the secrets entrusted. Stay grounded in the energy of the observer and keep making the choices that align you to your highest good in this life!

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