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BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Aubrey Plaza, Houston Astros, Bad Bunny, and More

Happy Monday, everyone! Did everyone turn their clocks one hour back and get to enjoy that extra hour of sleep? We hope you did and weren’t late for anything because of the time change over the weekend. 

Speaking of the weekend, it was quite the busy one. With midterm elections coming up, everything feels more tense than usual. (Have you voted already?)

Nevertheless, the Latine community usually knows how to make positive headlines. From new music to the Houston Astros winning the World Series, there’s so much to talk about.

Let’s get into it!

Aubrey Plaza landed a new role

Plaza, who is of Puerto Rican descent, was added to ​​Agatha: Coven of Chaos, a spinoff of WandaVision. Though the role she’s to play hasn’t been formally announced, it is speculated that she will play a villain. After watching her talent on the likes of Parks and Recs and Black Bear, there’s no doubt she will do great as la villana. 

The 53rd Season of ‘Sesame Street’ is led by a Latino

BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Aubrey Plaza, Houston Astros, Bad Bunny, and More belatina latine
Credit: By HaeB – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Sal Perez is the first Latino executive producer in “Sesame Street’s” history and is using his rightfully earned power to continue spreading positivity. 

“I did film school, and I never thought that I would be doing TV that was positive for kids,” Perez told NBC News. “It’s such a big responsibility that I sometimes try not to think about it.”

The Mexican American executive producer is particular about showcasing community and inclusivity – just as “Sesame Street” has been for years.

“I hope to bring in as many new voices as possible into the fold of ‘Sesame Street’ as a family,” the Latino executive producer said. “We want to show stories that are relevant to kids of today that kind of move with the culture.”

Drake praises Bad Bunny in a new song


Though Drake is upsetting us due to a recent bar where he undermined Megan Thee Stallion’s experience at being shot, we couldn’t help but notice he mentioned Bad Bunny. 

In no way is Bad Bunny associated with the aforementioned ignorant bar about Megan, but he is part of his “Major Distribution” song.

Major Distribution is the second song on Her Loss, Drake, and 21 Savage’s joint album. In this track, Drake name-drops Bad Bunny, admiring his success. 

“Hmm, hmm, major distribution, labels call me/ Bad Bunny numbers, it’s a robbery,” he is heard singing.

Drake was once the greatest star of all time, but it seems that he’s accepting Bad Bunny as the new king of the music industry – in terms of streams and success. 

This will have a domino effect and the Boricua singer is about to get more popular than before – and we love to see it.

Thalia’s ‘Psycho B*tch’ song is about personal liberation

The Mexican singer/actress is gracing our preferred streaming platforms with a new song, “Psycho B*tch.” Regarded by many as the queen of Latin pop, she is hoping “Psycho B*tch” is an anthem for those who are on the “weirder” side.  

“You can take it clinically, but my perspective is a little lighter. When you are different, when you are yourself, when you express yourself however you want to, whenever you want to do it — for some people that are cookie-cutter style, you are different. You are weird,” she told PEOPLE. 

The song is out now. Have you listened to it?

The Astros win the World Series

The Houston Astros got ahead of the Phillies, 4-1, on Saturday. Houston is expecting a parade on Monday as well as school closures. But did you know that many of the Astros’ players are Latinos, specifically from the Dominican Republic?

Take a look at their names below:

  • Framber Valdez
  • Bryan Abreu
  • Rafael Montero
  • Hector Neris
  • Ricky Javier
  • Jeremy Peña

Congratulations to them and all Astros fans!

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