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Majo Aguilar, Angela Aguilar’s Cousin, Captivates Millions with Her Heartfelt Rendition of Mexico’s National Anthem

Majo Aguilar, Angela Aguilar’s Cousin, Captivates Millions with Her Heartfelt Rendition of Mexico's National Anthem
Credit: Instagram/ @majo_aguilar

There’s a new generation of people who are being introduced to the legacy of Aguilar’s music – especially in Mexico. After all, the Aguilar family name resonates with tradition and talent. The latest member to step into the limelight is Majo Aguilar, or María José Aguilar Carrillo, the granddaughter of the iconic duo, Flor Silvestre and Antonio Aguilar. She’s also Pepe Aguilar’s niece. However, with her recent rendition of the Mexican national anthem, Majo Aguilar has not only captured the hearts of Mexicans but has also sparked inevitable comparisons with her cousin, Angela Aguilar, another luminary in the Aguilar lineage. 

Recently, Majo Aguilar sang the Mexican national anthem during a soccer game between “Las águilas del América” and “Las chivas del Guadalajara” – this is considered a classic game for Mexicans. The anthem, which is symbol of unity and pride for millions, was met with widespread acclaim. The performance showcased her genetic vocal abilities and deep connection to her Mexican heritage.  

Her rendition, noted for its precision and emotional depth, led to inevitable comparisons with Angela Aguilar, her immensely talented cousin. Both young Latinas have emerged as torchbearers of the Aguilar legacy, each with their unique style and interpretation. Majo’s singing, however, was met with particularly high praise, with many lauding her ability to capture the essence of the anthem without overextending notes. This can be since Angela hasn’t been on the best terms with her Mexican audience after she disclosed being 25 percent Argentine. So, in turn, they are providing extra support to someone who is proud of their roots – which is not okay considering Angela continues to have Mexican roots.  Regardless, it’s important to remember that both women count with enviable talent.  

Addressing the inevitable comparisons, Majo Aguilar responded with grace and poise, emphasizing the mutual respect and support between her and Angela. In an interview with “Yordi En Exa,” she highlighted the familial bond they share, rooted in a shared love for music and their cherished heritage. Everything said was in good nature, delivered with tact, and a lot of elegance. 

The Voice of the Aguilar Family Lives On

This comparison between Majo and Angela Aguilar, though inevitable, underscores the richness of talent within the Aguilar family. Each member, from the legendary Antonio Aguilar to the beloved Flor Silvestre, has left immortalized gifts for the regional Mexican music industry to bask in. And Majo Aguilar, with her recent performance, has stepped confidently onto this illustrious stage, honoring the stars before her.  

As Majo continues to develop her skills, one thing is for sure: Her talent, combined with the deep-rooted tradition of her family, promises a future filled with amazing performances.  

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