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This Mexican City Now Prohibits Songs with Misogynistic Lyrics – And Not Everyone Is Happy with This Move

This Mexican City Now Prohibits Songs with Misogynistic Lyrics – And Not Everyone Is Happy with This Move

People from Chihuahua, Mexico might not be able to enjoy Bad Bunny and Peso Pluma’s music in its entirety soon.  

In an attempt to fight off gender violence, the city council of Chihuahua has embarked on a bold campaign to ban music containing derogatory and misogynistic lyrics from live music venues. The decision, which has garnered international attention, marks a significant step towards promoting gender equality and combating harmful stereotypes in the music industry. 

The Chihuahua city council recently passed a landmark resolution to prohibit the performance of songs that demean or objectify women in any live music setting. This progressive initiative comes as a response to growing concerns about the impact of music that perpetuates harmful gender norms and contributes to the marginalization of women. 

As reported by Mexican News Daily, Patricia Ulate, the Chihuahua city councilwoman, promoted the bill to combat the harsh realities that many Mexican women face daily.  

“Chihuahua is one of the five municipalities in the state with a Gender Alert, declared due to high rates of structural violence against women,” Ulate added. “Any action that contributes to eradicating these circumstances counts.” 

Local officials emphasized the importance of fostering an environment that respects and empowers women. The ban aims to create a space where all members of the community can enjoy music without feeling targeted or degraded. This move has been widely praised by women’s rights activists and advocates, who see it as a significant stride towards dismantling sexist attitudes in society. 

According to the New York Post, any artist found spouting misogynistic lyrics will be fined $71,133 (1.2 million pesos). The funds retrieved from the artists will be used to support domestic violence shelters and women’s programs. 

Chihuahua Is Set on Protecting Women

Though it’s not been well-received by everyone, the city is furthering its commitment to challenging the music industry’s role in perpetuating harmful narratives. By targeting live music venues, where audiences directly engage with performers, Chihuahua seeks to foster an atmosphere of respect and inclusivity within the local music scene. 

Nevertheless, the city’s actions have sparked discussions about the broader impact of music on society’s perception of gender roles and the responsibility of artists to use their platforms responsibly. 

The ban has prompted mixed reactions, with some applauding the city’s commitment to gender equality and others raising concerns about potential restrictions on artistic expression. However, the overwhelming sentiment is that this measure is a significant stride towards reshaping the music landscape to be more respectful and inclusive. 

While critics argue that the ban might infringe on artists’ creative freedom, supporters emphasize the need to challenge harmful norms that perpetuate gender-based violence and discrimination. They believe that music has a powerful influence on shaping societal attitudes and that artists hold a responsibility to wield that influence in a positive manner. 

The movement has reignited the conversation around women’s rights in the arts, urging musicians and industry stakeholders to reflect on their contributions to a more equitable world. Chihuahua’s initiative sets a powerful precedent for other cities and countries to take action against misogynistic music and to promote artistic expressions that empower and uplift. 

Yet, this leaves a lot of questions on the table. Will this work? Are all women in support of this ban? Is there another way women can be protected from misogyny?  

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