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Queer Latina Star, Young Miko, Shares Beauty Wisdom: Makeup as an Expression of Individuality, Not Conformity

Queer Latina Star, Young Miko, Shares Beauty Wisdom: Makeup as an Expression of Individuality, Not Conformity
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Whether you want to admit it or not, Young Miko is coming in with a bang. From her sold out shows to her mesmerizing charisma, the Puerto Rican artist is captivating everyone’s hearts – including Karol G’s.  

One thing about Miko is that she’s unapologetically herself. She shows up flaunting all of her facets without missing a beat. For instance, at any given moment you can find her sharing her love for anime, urban music, and the Powerpuff Girls. And she incorporates all of these things into her music and vibe.  

The queer Latina artist also never shies away from sharing things about herself. In fact, she recently spilled the beans on her beauty regimen in an exclusive interview with Vogue Spain. Her candid revelations not only demystify her radiant look but also offer a lesson in embracing the beauty of simplicity and self-expression. 


La cantante @baby miko nos enseña su rutina de belleza y todos sus secretos de maquillaje ✨ #YoungMiko #beautysecrets #rutinadeskincare #maquillajetutorial

♬ sonido original – Vogue España

Young Miko’s refreshing approach to beauty is rooted in the idea that less is often more. She shares, “One of the best beauty tips I’ve received is always using a specific balm in the mornings; I just apply a little bit. That’s enough for me.” It’s a philosophy that speaks to the power of minimalism and letting one’s natural beauty shine. 

The enchantment continues as Young Miko takes us on a tour of her makeup routine, offering insights into her signature look. She confides, “I’m going to apply my eyeliner. I like it to be quite small; I’ve always been a fan of minimal makeup. I believe in everyone’s natural beauty and feel that we can enhance it however we like. I think it’s one of the most frustrating things when we don’t get the makeup right. It turned out quite well. Because it’s almost perfect, I’m going to try to make it perfect; this is definitely a look.” 


Así se hace el eyeliner @baby miko #youngmiko #beautysecrets #maquillajetutorial #eyeliner #eyelinertutorial

♬ sonido original – Vogue España

But Young Miko’s beauty journey doesn’t stop at makeup. She walks us through her morning skincare routine, revealing, “I start my day by washing my face first. It’s like I officially woke up when I wash my face; I use a thick cream every day, so I don’t need to apply a lot. I always mix it with water. I like the feeling of my skin after I rinse it. I don’t like to squeeze my face; I just gently pat it. Now I feel like I’ve officially woken up.” 

Young Miko Embodies Beauty

The reality is that Baby Miko doesn’t need makeup – she’s a beauty all on her own. Thousands upon thousands of women think so, including me. But it’s great to see her share her routine.  

As she skillfully navigates her beauty routine, Young Miko shares valuable tips and tricks, including the use of facial massage for reducing morning puffiness. She highlights the importance of embracing one’s unique beauty, reinforcing the idea that makeup should be an expression of individuality rather than a mask of conformity. 

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