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BELatina’s Weekly Recap: L.A. City Council Members’ Racist Comments, Influential Latinas On The Importance of The Latino Vote, and More

Happy weekend, BELatina News! 

We hope that your week was productive, flowed easily, and went in your favor. 

Before we get into what you might’ve missed this week, we’d like to point out that although this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month may be coming to a close, it doesn’t mean anyone should shy away from covering our Latine community for the rest of the year. We hope that the amount of attention given to our beloved community this past month continues to flourish. ¿Entendieron?

Pero bueno, let’s get to this week’s recap, shall we?

This week we published a variety of topics. We covered empowering Latinas who talked about the importance of our Latino vote, the recent racist comments from L.A. City Council members and we also talked about how caregiving is increasing among Latine families.

Here’s more of what you might’ve missed this week!

America Ferrera, Chloe Bridges, and Xochitl Gomez Talk About The Importance of The Latino Vote

America Ferrera, Chloe Bridges, and Xochitl Gomez Talk About The Importance of The Latino Vote belatina latine

On October 8, the actress, director, producer, and Poderistas founder America Ferrera, alongside actresses Chloe Bridges and Xochitl Gomez, spoke with Alicia Menendez about the importance of the Latino vote ahead of the midterm elections.  

The conversation started with Menendez asking about the division of the Latino vote. The public figures also talked about the impact that these upcoming elections will have on our future generations. 

Racist Comments from L.A. City Council Members Are a Stark Reminder of the Colorism in the Latino Community

Credit: Wiki Commons/ Twitter

Racism is loud and clear in 2022 – and even with Latinos making up almost half of Los Angeles’ population, the racism within the city’s minorities (especially within Latinos) is still severe.

On October 9, leaked audio from October 2021 revealed that Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez said racist comments about another council member’s son. Her indecency resulted in her resignation.

5 Latina Viajeras You Should Follow Before Your Next Trip

Who doesn’t love spending some time off exploring new places, learning about different cultures, or even trying new food?

Social media is always where I go whenever I need to find some tips before getting on a plane to Atlanta, finding that non-touristy coffee shop in New York, or even looking for a place to stay in Mexico or Costa Rica.

Having access to great travel content is essential — and very helpful — for every viajerx, and these five Latina globetrotters will help inspire your next trip to a new destination.

A Q&A With Legendary Latino Tattoo Artist Nikko Hurtado About What He’s Been up to and More

Credit: Instagram/ @nikkohurtado

Since Nikko Hurtado’s appearance in LA Ink, he’s gone on to appear on various TV shows such as Tattoo Wars, Tori & Dean, and Spike TV’s Ink Master. His influence, overall, also grew as people noticed his artistry and unique talent for tattooing high-quality portraits while staying true to himself.

The influence he has on the Latino community is not lost on him. He knows that he’s being watched by the Latino youth and others in the community who are often looking for positive figures.

Being that Hurtado has been doing so much lately, BELatina News spoke with him so he could catch us up on what he’s been up to as well as let us know how he continues to inspire the Latino community. 

How Caregiving Is Increasing Among Latino Families and Impacting Younger Generations

The average Latine caregivers are usually women in their 40s. However, younger caregivers are becoming more common as the Baby Boomer generation is aging, generating a total of 27 percent of millennial caregivers being from the Latine community. 

Tokischa Becomes the First Dominican Woman in the Urbano Genre to Appear on ‘Tiny Desk’

Credit: YouTube/ NPR Music

Tiny Desk by NPR, a space where intimate video performances are recorded live at the desk of Bob Boilen, has been going strong for their Hispanic Heritage Month efforts. As they should. 

Tokischa was the first Dominican woman in the Urbano genre to perform at NPR’s Tiny Desk. 

During her special, Toki allowed us to see the vast capacity of her talent as she bent her voice to adapt to different music styles. She reworked her provocative songs in a melange of Latin American and Caribbean genres.

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