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New Report Says Latinos Don’t Feel Included at Work – Here’s Why It’s a Problem

New Report Reveals That the Latino Community Doesn’t Feel Included At Work – Here’s Why It’s A Problem belatina latine

Even though Latinos made up an estimated 80 percent of the US workforce from 2010 to 2017, they still feel left out of it. A new report revealed that only about 25 percent of Latinos – actually –  feel included in their workspace. So, what’s going on with the other 75 percent?  

The remaining percentage who don’t feel included at work are thinking of quitting their job. Yes, it’s that severe.

“Latino workers who do not feel particularly included are around two times more likely to quit than are those who feel fully included,” the report suggests. “And nearly 45% of Latino workers who don’t feel completely included are actively seeking new jobs.” 

Imagine not feeling like your voice is being heard in your workplace. Things have got to change.

Why’s this a problem?

Point blank: Latinos should always feel included. The aforementioned source mentioned an ongoing factor that I think we have all related to at one point or another. They describe Latino workers as feeling like “distinct outsiders” when it comes to being involved in the corporate world.

Sound familiar? 

Why it needs to change

Latinos deserve better. We need to start feeling included in every aspect of our lives.

We agree with the reporters who say that having employees who feel fully included makes for better team performance – and better outcomes in general. We’ve certainly heard of “teamwork makes the dream work,” so why isn’t corporate America putting this into play with every race they’re working with?

Don’t they want what’s best for their employees?

Our Latine community deserves the higher-ups to push for inclusivity – and actively take these types of surveys to help combat the problem. Long gone should be the feeling of being “tokenized,” or “taking up space.” 

It’s time for our gente to feel like they actually belong. We are majorly due to feeling like we are worth being at every single meeting, without feeling less than others.

It’s time for us to demand better.

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