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Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance Wasn’t Over-the-Top and It Serves as a Reminder for Everyone to Let Their Work Speak for Itself

Rihanna's Super Bowl Performance Wasn't Over-the-Top and It Serves as a Reminder for Everyone to Let Their Work Speak for Itself
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It’s not unusual to see Rihanna trending. She’s easily become one of the most influential women in recent years. Though she started out her career as a musician, she’s now proved to be a Bonafide business woman who refuses to settle for anything less than perfect. Her inspiration lies in how she will give any career venture her all without allowing external pressure to get to her. This is refreshing to see in a time when women, especially women of color, feel like they have to overcompensate to be accepted.  

Yesterday, the world witnessed Rihanna’s comeback (and pregnancy announcement) at the 57th Super Bowl’s halftime after a seven-year hiatus and it’s been the hottest topic for the past several hours.


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Prior to her jumping on one of the most sought-after stages in the nation, her fans and those eager to see her sing for the first time in ages expressed their excitement on social media.  

This was probably one of the most anticipated Super Bowl halftime performances in recent history considering fans have been asking for anything musical-related from Rihanna for years. However, she’s had no problem honing in on her multi-million-dollar brand, Fenty Beauty, while her fan base waits. Here’s the thing: she hasn’t allowed the pressure to get to her and this could be because she understands the value of doing things on her time. It is evident that the Barbadian singer works on her time only and delivers whatever resonates with her, despite what others may request of her.  

Rihanna does what feels is right for her – as she should

Those in the United States are used to a fast-paced life and feeding into its expectations. It feels as though there is an unwritten rule that people must over deliver and this speaks louder for people who haven’t grown up in a life filled with privilege. This is when imposter syndrome – something many Latines know too well – takes over, which can be riddled with self-doubt. Yet, Riri knows she’s created a musical career that doesn’t need to be dampened by over-the-top performances or light shows.  

Her music alone does all the work. She knew fans would eat up each hit single she sang, despite having a less-than-dramatic performance. It was just her in the center of a hanging stage and her backup dancers. That confidence may derive from her being keenly aware of her value – and that’s a mentality we can all benefit from. In some way, RiRi is teaching people to value themselves and let their work speak for itself. This was something Delyanne Barros, the Latina behind Delyanne the Money Coach, also noticed.  

So, next time you’re wondering if you should “go all out” and showcase your skills with “bells and whistles,” remember Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance. Your work is probably already valuable as it is. Most importantly, you will always be your work’s biggest asset. Allow yourself to speak to that.  

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