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BELatina’s Weekly Roundup: Grupo Firme, Empowering Latinas in the White House, And More

BELatina’s Weekly Roundup: Grupo Firme, Empowering Latinas in the White House,, And More belatina latine

Happy Friday, BELatina readers!

We sincerely hope that your week was easy and productive. As for us, we continue to bring you uplifting and interesting stories that inspire us day by day.

Before we prepare for the much-anticipated weekend break, let’s talk about some of our favorite stories this week.

Here’s what you might’ve missed!

Meet Lauren Sanchez, the Latina Who Understands the Importance of Tackling Climate Change

Photo credit: Twitter Lauren Samnchez @lsanchez020

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a historic $54 billion Climate package aimed at helping the ongoing climate crisis. 

The governor’s Senior Climate Advisor, Lauren Sanchez, a proud Latina, and Oakland native, is at the forefront of the efforts to improve the state’s growing issue. 

Grupo Firme Surpasses Vicente Fernández and Breaks Attendance Record at Mexico City’s Zócalo

Credit: Twitter

Grupo Firme, the Regional Mexican band, broke the attendance record at Mexico City’s Zócalo last Sunday. 

The band — made up of Eduín Caz, Joaquín Ruíz, Jhonny Caz, AB Luna, Dylan, Christian Tellez, and Fito — played in front of a crowd of 280,000 people, breaking the record that the late Mexican Ranchera legend Vicente Fernández established in 2009. 

Meet Handa: Urban Artist Who Meshes Her Peruvian and Croatian Roots Into Her Music

Credit: Handa

Known as the “Orange Girl,” Handa wants to show the world that it is possible to make music from the eclectic country of Peru. 

Hailey Bieber Tried to Rebrand Our Tías’ Favorite Lip Liner Trend By Calling It ‘Brownie Glazed Lip’

Credit: Instagram @haileybieber

What makes TikTok interesting is that it’s a medium where anyone can upload their latest findings – some of which aren’t new at all.

We’ve seen white folks discover aguas frescas and call them “spa water.” We’ve even seen users cosplay as Latinos to fit the app’s latest trends. It’s hard to keep up with these “novelties” that are appropriating our culture.

The latest? Bieber’s “brownie glazed lip.”

Meet The New Group of Empowering Latinas in the White House

Credit: Twitter

There’s a new group of empowering Latinas that lead important roles in the United States capitol. These Latinas manage Spanish-language social media, policy, communications, advisory, and more. They, without a doubt, are an inspiration – reminding us that anything is possible.

These Latine-owned Cafecito Brands Will Make Your ‘International Coffee Day’ More Sabroso

As we approach the first day of October, which marks the largest cafecito celebration in the world: International Coffee Day, I am getting ready to honor it. And I want all of you to join me!

Here at BELatina, we want to celebrate and cherish cafecito delights with six Latine coffee brands you can add to your everyday routine. 

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